10.24 | Author: AlwaysBenefit4you
In addition to heart disease and cancer, smoking also causes other diseases. What are disease it? Next explanation is that the disease affects those who suck cigarettes.

1. Cataracts

Smoking is causing interference on the eyes. The smokers have a risk of 40% higher exposure cataracts, eye lens opaque that impede the entry of light can even lead to blindness. Smoking causes cataracts through two ways, namely irritation and release chemical substances to tuberculosis in the blood, preventing the flow of oxygen to the eye. Smoking is also associated with age . Macular, an eye disease that can not be cured because of the setback from the center of the retina, called the macula. Macula responsible focusing on eye shadow and the ability to read, drive, and the introduction of color face, and see objects in detail.

2. Hearing loss

Smoking appear plaque on blood vessel, decreasing blood flow in the ear. Smokers are easier to lose hearing because of ear infections or loud noise. Smokers are also three times more easily infected middle ear infections than non-smokers that can cause complications such as meningitis and facial muscles paralyzed .

3. Sore Flank

Smoking lower body defense against bacteria causes stomach sore. This is also harmful to the ability to neutralize stomach acid after eating. Sore on smokers are more difficult and more easily treated relapse.

4. Ostheoporosis

Carbon monoxide, the main exit from the vehicle exhaust and cigarette smoke, have any power to bind the more red blood cells and oxygen, reducing the power doze blood oxygen of 15% smokers.

(As a result, the smokers have a decreased bone density with, easier fraktur and takes 80% longer to heal. Smokers are also more easily suffer spinal pain, a study shows that industrial workers who smoke 5 times the likelihood of pain after spinal injury.

6. Diseases Burger

The disease is also called burger thromboangitis obliterans, a carotid inflammation, vessel back, and the nervous feet. Principle, a role to reduce the flow of blood. If not treated, the disease can cause a burger gangrene (death of the network). Gangrene treatment is conducted with concision.

7. Emphysema

In addition to tuberculosis cancer, smoking causes emphysema, the outbreak of the respiratory bag tuberculosis capacity to take oxygen, and remove carbon dioxide. At the extreme, trakheostomi needs to be done to breathe. Opens a pipe inserted into the trachea to help air into tuberculosis. Chronic bronchitis caused heap phlegm, pain when coughing and difficulty breathing.