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Who do not know tomatoes? The fruit of the apple nickname love - love apple - because they can excite love this very well indeed be treated as a juice because it's unique and fresh. Italy is also fond of the nation using tomatoes as the sauce is never absent in many serve, call it pizza, spaghetti, tomato soup and pasta dishes italy, which is always present as tomatoes sauce. In a world beauty, tomatoes, also known as the creator of the face mask has been a reliable and caring put to a test in the face with a large pore-pore and oily.

MOST LIKOPEN meritorious

Enjoy tomatoes, other than good, that is also very healthful. What if the suspected plant with Latin name Solanum lycopersicum initially suspected this is because the toxic power of extraordinary growth, but the compound appeared to have the womb karotenoid antioxidants with the highest power, namely LIKOPEN. Such as vegetables and fruits in the yellow and red tomato has karotenoid compound that has the nature that is capable of antioxidants against free radicals due to pollution and UV radiation rays. The special is that almost Likopen only found in this fruit. Likopen covers about 50% compound karotenoid found in a tomato.

In the body, many Likopen found in testis, and suprarenal gland Prostate. Although the meaning Likopen presence in parts of the body is not known, but suspected that if the amount in the body is reduced, then Likopen can be the root of the incidence of pathological problems, such as tumor. In addition, have learned the reciprocal relationship between the degree reverse Likopen body tumor in the region with prostat, stomach and pancreas, therefore, suggested the test content in the blood Likopen to identify the tumor, where the tumor patients, this level is very low.

Number of Likopen in plasma and skin also can be compared with the amount of beta-karoten. If the skin is in the condition of stress due to UV-ray radiation, the number of Likopen who lost more than the number of beta-karoten. This concluded that the substance Likopen work as antioxidants, and work more powerful than beta-karoten.

Not only Likopen, tomatoes are rich in nutrition, other important nutrients. One glass of tomato juice can contain 20 calories of energy, 1 g protein, 0.3 g fat, 4.2 g carbohydrate, 8 mg calcium, phosphorus 29 mg, 0.59 mg iron; natrium 10 mg, 254 mg potassium, vitamin A 1394 IU; Biotin 2 mg; acid folat 11.5 mcg; 21.6 mg vitamin C and magnesium 14 mg.

Tomato Rich BENEFITS

In early November 1934, Dr. Bennet, the United States is the first fruit that can treat diarrhea, attacks bile, digestive disturbances, can prevent cholera, and restore liver function. This statement by Dr. Yumi Tohuoka (1953) reports in The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine, tomatoes that are effective in clinical liver balance disturbances.

Thanks to the womb Likopen, tomatoes into pieces that will benefit the rich. Tomato particularly efficient for Prostate cancer. A study conducted at Harvard University on 48,000 men, is the conclusion that those who eat tomato products processed from as many as 10 times a week, have affected the risk Prostate cancer 35% lower than men who ate tomatoes less than 1 ½ week. Besides Prostate cancer, tomatoes are also able to decrease the risk of heart attack, and also breast cancer and pancreas. Likopen in tomato also able to reduce the risk of occurrence of The speck The speck-skin because of age (macular degeneration). As the wall of high antioxidants, Likopen very effective against free radicals, so that the physical health remains awake and also create a permanent ageless.

Gynecology acid and p-kumarat acid in the tomatoes klorogenat directly weaken the substance capable of nitrosamine, which is one of substance that may cause cancer in food. Gynecology acid other malat namely acid and citric acid can keep the bile channel, so that they can avoid the occurrence of gallstone. Both types of acid is also able to clean the blood vessel constriction to the penis caused by cumulation of fat and sugar.

Tomato also contains substances tomatin of antiinflamasi so that it can cure inflammation pda whelk, wound, ulcer, hemorrhoids, appendix to the alimentary tract inflammation (bronchitis).

A research conducted by Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland found savor tomato seeds for health. As cited health magazine Prevention, Asim K Dutta-Roy, PhD, the researchers found, liquids or slippery yellow jelly found in the seeds of tomatoes, containing compound or mixture of materials that effective against stroke and heart disease.
Research also get that if the tomato juice without removing seed, about the risk of a blood clotting that can cause a heart attack is reduced to 72%.

HOW Health Cultivate tomatoes

Tomatoes can be enjoyed in a way eaten immediately, or be made with the juice processed into soup and sauce. In the form of fresh, either directly or eaten made juice, tomato benefit high-beta karoten, vitamin C and the mineral potassium. In the form of cooked, Likopen will be easier to exit from the cells and more easily soluble, so it is more advisable if you want to take advantage of the womb Likopen it. We have practical ways to enjoy tomatoes' mature 'without having to fuss manner a soup or sauce is a mainstay recipes from parents. Choose a fresh tomato, red, but not mushy (overcooked), cut into pieces according to taste and place a large glass, sowing sugar or honey sufficient, and a splash with boiling water, cover and leave to cool. To enjoy more, after the cold ice can be added discount. It's really delicious and fresh. Does not believe? Try it!

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Last breeze fragrant fragrant scent ... yellow flowers ...

Songs by Marini popular describe how this interest has wanginya latin name Murraya paniculata this. As the famous yellow flowers that have a fragrant white with a unique form of small and usually planted to crops and ornamental plants fence.
But other than the fragrant, yellow with a name of kamuning (Sunda, Menado, Makasar), yellow or kumuning (Java), kemoning (Bali), kamuni (Bima), and kamoni (Ambon) that contains this cadinene, methyl-anthranilate, bisa bolene , B-caryophyllene, geraniol, 3-carene, eugenol, citronellol, methyl-salicylate, paniculatin, tanin and coumurrayin on the leaves, and flowers and scopoletin on the semi-a-carotenone on the fruit. Kemuning orangeasmine also called in English because the plant has the form of flowers such as jasmine (white and small) and also fragrant.

Because of the womb-womb, and yellow can also known as a nutritious medicine, both in the leaves, branches, roots and stem bark. Kemuning nutritious as sense (anestesia), tranquilizer (sedatif), resistant to inflamed, anti-rheumatism, anti-tiroid, swelling remover, Fast blood circulation and smooth of skin.

Research Results
Some research has been done to demonstrate the effect of yellow farmakologis,
such as:
1. Infus leaves yellow powder with a dose of 1.000mg / kg body weight for albino mencit analgesic effect with the benchmark asetosal 52mg/kg body weight, give analgesic effect (Pudjiastuti, et al., Mirror World Medical, No. 59, 1989).
2. Infus yellow leaves with dose 210mg, 420mg and 840mg/200g weight given to the rats per oral shortly before injection 0.2 ml solution karagenin 1% NaCl fisiolofis in the subplantar (a substance made udem). On infus with dose 840mg/200g weight shows the effect of anti-inflamasi approached with natrium diklofenak dose 8mg/200 g body weight that is used as a benchmark.
3. Infus yellow leaves 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% of the 0.5 ml mencit can reduce the mean body weight .
For example Kemuning Use Drugs:
1. Blain
Yellow root, 30 g of dry wash and cut-cut as necessary. Boiled with 3 cup water until the water boiled remaining 1 cup. After a cold drink filtered ago. 2 times a day, each 1 / 2 cup.
2. Rheumatism, sprain, bruise
Yellow, dry root of 15 - 30 g washed ago cut-cut as necessary. Add wine and water, each 1 1 / 2 cup, and boiled until the remaining 1 cup. After a cold drink filtered ago 2 times a day, each ½ cup.
3. Bruise
Yellow and glass plates, each leaf fresh, much the same, washed fine grinding ago. Add a little wine while you stirred up in the fire. Warm-warm to the body part of a bruise.
4. Rheumatism painful joints
Yellow root, and root tembelekan (Lantana camara) wash, add 3 pairs of chicken feet. All material cut-cut as necessary and add water until the watersufficient / All materials. Warm-water warm ago while drunk.
5. Toothache
Oil out of the yellow skin stem drop to be burned in a perforated teeth.
6. Streamline the body
Fresh leaves and yellow leaves mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia) each meeting and a full handful of bell 1 / 2 pinkie pound fine. Add 1 cup of water while cooking evenly stirred. Press with a piece of cloth. Water is collected at once drunk in the morning before eating.
7. Resolvent fruit prick
Yellow leaves of fresh herb and 60 g of 35 g Sambiloto ago washed with 3 glass of boiled water until the remaining 1 cup water. After the cold filtered, and drink 2 times a day, each 1 / 2 cup. Make every day until cured.
8. Urinary infection
Yellow leaves as many as 35 g fresh washed 3 cup and add water. Boil until the water remaining separonya. After a cold drink and filtered 3 3 times a day, each 1 / 2 cup.
9. Menstruation does not come regularly
Yellow leaves and leaf pacar kuku (Lawsonia inermis) each fresh material as 1 / 2 fist, finger rimpang temulawak 1, washed and cut-cut as necessary. Add 3 cup water until the water boiled ago remaining 1 cup. After the cold filtered, and drink 2 times a day, each 1 / 2 cup.
10. Rough skin
Yellow leaves as many as 30 g fresh washed ago pound until pulverized. Add 1 cup water and stirred average. Materials and gobbe up on the skin before bed.
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Lotus (Nymphaea sp) is a water plant which is the demand for ornamental plants lover loop a natural, exotic and decorative garden so that they can make more flamboyant while soothing views. Teratai Seroja or often called the Padma, also called on the European Water Lily similar interest because the interest rates Lily.
In addition to beautiful flowers, the trees are often used as food and medicine. Almost all the plants can

used. In traditional China, lotus leaves can reduce heat trusted, cure headaches and diarrhea. How is 4-5 with a boil the water with a lotus leaf, and water boiled drink.

Dust contain lotus leaf effect homeostatik, namely the ability to restore the condition of the body to normal circumstances, and trusted can stop bleeding in the lungs, nose, and the womb.

Besides leaves, lotus seeds are also useful for heart health, spleen and kidney. Lotus seeds commonly used in making various cakes, drinks or porridge. The seeds also contain lotus effect so astringen useful to treat diarrhea and also so that the effect sedatif useful to overcome insomnia and palpitasi (tap the heart of fast).

The aroma of lotus flowers fragrant much energy is used in treatment interest ('s Bach flower remedies). Aroma lotos increase vitality and has a calm effect. Another source said, stew lotus flower can be used as quieting down bleeding and cure dermatitis suppurate.

In addition to leaves and seeds, lotus root usual processed into pickle, a culinary procedure similar to sauteing but at a higher temperature, chips and Pasta. Lotos nutritious tuber also ease fever, high blood pressure and hemorrhoids.
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Tea three or four cups per day turns out as well with the white ordinary drinking water. Even with the tea, you'll get extra benefits for health. Family team of experts nutrient community leader Dr. Ruxton carne from Kings College London, England, is published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Team members also decline during this tea that can cause dehydration or lack of fluids. In fact, tea is also provided in the body fluids Feed as well as white water, tea and even able to prevent heart disease and some cancers. The tea contains flavonoids
be able to improve the health. Include substances are antioxidants polifenol that there is a regular on a number of foods and plants, and is believed able to help prevent cell damage

"So, clearly tea is better than drinking water and white. Water white liquid replace. While replacing liquid tea contains antioxidants as well, so there are two benefits," said Dr. Ruxton.

Some previous research supports the benefits of tea to drink. Moreover, in addition to preventing heart disease and cancer, tea is also able to protect teeth from decaying as well as strengthen the bones. "Tea also contains florida, which means good for teeth," explained Dr. Ruxton.

So far there is no evidence that does not consume tea for good health. There is research that says that the tea reduces the body's ability to absorb iron from food. This means that people who are at risk of suffering from anemia should avoid drinking tea around meal hours.

The benefits of this tea, Claire Williamson from the British Nutrition Foundation said, "Indeed, evidence in humans is not too strong so that the need to research more. However, there are clear benefits for the health polifenol, in terms of reducing the risk of diseases such as heart disease and cancer."

"In the case of liquid Feed, we recommend 1.5 to 2 liters per day and that can include tea. Tea is not dehydrate. This healthy drink," said Williamson
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Honey has so many healing properties- it is anti-viral, anti-antibiotic, and anti-fungal. Honey can also be a very effective treatment for burns. I always use organic raw honey produced by local beekeepers; I feel it is a much more nutritious product, plus the taste is far superior to store-bought honey.

I also trust small-scale beekeepers to take much better care of their hives than those involved with large-scale honey production.

Herbal honey is one of the best honey home remedies- it is delicious for adding to teas or other recipes, but when made with herbs that have medicinal properties, it's especially good to have on hand when cold and flu season strikes. Children love this, but make sure not to give honey to infants under 1 year old due to the risk of botulism.

You don't have to wait until you are sick to use it though- herbal honey is delicious in it's own right- try it on some homemade bread!

Herbal Honey with Lemon Balm and Ginger

This herbal honey blend features lemon balm, which soothes the nerves, promotes good digestion, and appears to have some anti-bacterial effects, as well.I love the lemony flavor together with ginger, which soothes the tummy and helps to fight colds.

1 cup honey (wildflower works well, but you can use any type; I prefer to use raw honey)
1/4 cup fresh chopped lemon balm
2 Tb. peeled minced ginger

Directions: Heat honey in a small saucepan until liquified. Add the herbs and simmer for 20 minutes. Pour into an appropriate size glass jar (there is no need to strain out the herbs before doing so) and cap tightly.

There are many other herbs you could use to make medicinal honeys- try hyssop or thyme (these are both good for congestion), lavender, mint, rosemary, sage, rose hips...the list goes on! For each cup of honey, use about 1/4 cup fresh herbs (or 1/8 cup herbs if they are dried). If you don't feel like measuring, you can just fill a jar with your herbs of choice and then pour the honey in- label and allow to infuse for 6 weeks before using.

Store your herbal honey in they refrigerator or in your cupboard- it should keep about a year or a bit more (put a label on it with the date you made it so you know when it's been around too long).

Garlic Honey Remedy

Garlic is an amazing cold and flu fighter, but it's best for this purpose when taken raw, and this is tough for most of us to do. When infused in honey, the garlic becomes much more palatable, (plus the honey is soothing for sore throats and good for you, too), so this is another awesome honey home remedy to have on hand for the winter.


3 heads of garlic, peeled and separated into cloves (about 24 cloves)
raw honey to fill your glass jar of choice

Directions: Fill jar with garlic cloves and then pour the honey over the garlic. Allow mixture to infuse for several days before using, then store in the refrigerator or cupboard where it will keep for a year or more.

Take by the teaspoon several times a day when ill with the cold or flu. You could also mix a teaspoon of this with some raw apple cider vinegar and hot water and drink this as a daily tonic; feel free to add a dash of cayenne pepper, too. Many people swear by honey home remedies like this for all sorts of health issues- from fatigue to arthritis to weight problems.

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This TAKE me based on my experience of my new natural 6 Months ago, and may be useful for our friends who have experienced the same thing as me and can heal with a very affordable cost.

At 6 months ago I examined on a cardiologist at the hospital Medistra, this I do remember I have reached the age of 55 yr. Where a lot of friends in junior high already on the disease, the Creator, because I experienced the same, and they all called tragic average in the office are working.

Examination results on the laboratory examination blood, all red, just a few that are still green. Trigliserin, SGPT, SGOT, Tendon acid, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure 180/120 all topsy turvy red.EKG so I recommended to check for heart valve and thick wall of the heart, have been good to me and send Scanning the heart, the result is very surprising and I in - Vonni's blood vessel in the heart blocked of 70%, and suggested the cathetrizationfor any Ring / Stand of 3 pcs, where per Ring / Stand at IDR. 30 million not including labor costs.

Consequently due to fraudulent check the heart, even a thought, where children are still studying, cared fo many dog and a wife who I think is too bad to be abandoned .... I start to disassemble drawer-drawer late beloved mother who ... meet ripped (of paper size paper with any posts in the folder with neat letters important, I start looking for people who can read it ... was translated after the intravenous drug plug FUNGUS BLACK WHITE.

Materials prescription O PEK BOK Nie:

Mushroom of black and white: 45 Gram
Ang Cho: 10 seeds
Ginger slices: 8 Iris (2mm thick)
Pig meat (Is In) / Chicken chect : 60 Gram
Water: 8 Glass

Materials to be washed clean and in boiled fire with small (It's better with the slow Cooker) and the use of clay pot (POT USE NO METAL!). Until the remaining 2 Glass. Raw material be removed only taken water.

How to drink:

Wake up in the morning sleeping in the empty stomach, drink 1 Glass
The night before bed drink 1 cup again.

Number of days:

Drinking every day for 24 days (24 Set)

After drinking for 24 days (24 Set), can be repeated once every 2 hours 12 set, for maintenance.

After I set my lap 24 by phone Hospital that I must have been in cathetrization , and a schedule has been provided, with a very careful not known I check my blood back in the hospital laboratory truly surprising results, where the red and 2 live that slightly above the threshold limit of the above.

After that I to calm myself, and I go back to the hospital and in the Medistra cathetrization wrist, entered the lapse to the heart, and a similarsyringe liquids that can change colors, so we can see where the clog through the TV as a monitor. Suddenly the Professor said: Why not have a blocked yes! .... Praised God, said in my heart, apparently owing to the prescription O PEK BOK Nie impasse in the vein I work smoothly again, and the thickness of blood, I also overcame.

Now, once every 2 monthI check my heart with result normal EKG, blood normal thickness. Blood pressure 120/90, results of blood checks have everything back to normal.

With the hope that this paper can help friends who have experienced similar things, and for those who are in the Ring / Stand can also drinking to maintain.
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Acid fiber is one of the forms of rheumatism disease that has been known since medieval human 5 BC, caused by high acid content in muscle in blood. A number of famous names such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, and Queen Anne-called suffering a disease. Indeed, this disease does not kill, like cancer, but because it is easy to relapse and that can cause intense pain, the disease is to be calculated with enough suffering.

In fact our bodies produce acid in the body's nerves, as a result of side purin metabolism, and nerves that acid in the blood, will be removed through urin, so in normal conditions, acid can be found in the nerves and blood urin. However, if the amount is excessive, the body of difficulty
manage the disposal system, so that the crystal-crystal fiber acid can accumulate in the joint, and this is a condition known as gouty arthritis, muscle or acid interference. Because of the sharp crystal such as needle-sharp, the cumulation acid crystal-crystal fiber often cause intense pain in the joints.

Acid nerves can be detected through laboratory examination, joint fluid examination, and radiology. Through laboratory examination, acid content in blood and muscle urin will be reviewed. Someone said to suffer if acid fiber laboratory examination showed nerves level acid in the blood above 7 mg / dl for men and 6 mg / dl for women. Meanwhile, in urin if more than 750 - 1000 mg/24 hours with a normal diet, they can be categorized as acid fiber. Joint fluid examination is conducted to see the crystal grain or monosodium urate (MSU crystals) in joint fluid. While radiology examination is used to view the process that occurred in the joints and bones to see the process bouy in lump that caused cumulation acid crystals in the joints and nerves muscle.

Protein Blame Excessive
Spark major muscle is the high acid pattern that is not eating right. Purin as one part of the protein, found in many sources of protein such as meat and offal, so the pattern of eating that is not balanced with the amount of protein is very high in a long period of time can being struck against shape cumulation acid fiber. Excessive alcohol also been used as one of being struck against . Purin other source that should be especially for people with acid fiber is:

1. Kornet such as canned food, sardine, and meat extract
2. Seafood such as shrimp, crabs and oysters
3. Offal such as liver, kidney, spleen, tripe, intestine, brain and tuberculosis
4. Dry beans and their fickle, such as peanut, mung bean, soybean, tempe, tauco, bean sprouts, soy milk and oncom
5. Melinjo and olahannya products, such as cakes and emping melinjo
6. Alcoholic beverages and various beverage fermentation results
7. Cheese, milk and eggs
8. Thick broth
9. Fruits such as durian, avokat, pineapple and coconut
10. Vegetables such as spinach leaves, cassava leaves, leaves cashew nuts, kangkung, asparagus, broccoli and bean.

Knowing the kind of spark acid muscle disease, does not mean you have to avoid food-food is the same one, but the most important is the amount you eat in a pattern, especially if you are the people with acid fiber.

In addition, some disruption of the body not treated properly can become a spark of a cumulation acid fiber, such as high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol and fat content and arteriosklerosis that is not treated properly, can encourage the occurrence of damage to the kidney . If the interference of kidney, the kidney can not filter out substances normal work-out of substances in the blood, including acid fiber.

Improve Living Pattern

The pattern of life at this time is less healthy, which all well in a hurry, we make less or even no reason was busy with sport and there's no time. In fact, the lack of sports body metabolism system makes us more vulnerable than those who diligently trained for sport because they do not work "hard" Feed complement the food into the body to form energy. As a result, the body so much easier to organ disfunction, and we are so easily hurt. Therefore, to reduce the risk of a blood vessel disease acid, are recommended to do the sport regularly, because of muscle acid can cause a lifetime if not treated, acid fiber can also cause various diseases and complications of disease, disability, such as bone, interference vision, osteoporosis, kidney and disruption if the work can also lead to delayed hypertension, heart trouble, diabetes mellitus, and stroke. So everything will be involved, such as vicious circle, because the kidney is working very influenced and will influence the work other organs.

Treatment with Plant Medicine

Indonesia has some of the medicinal plant which can be used to treat acid fiber, among others Sambiloto, sidaguri, salam, mustache cat, meniran, and earrings. General nature farmakologis plant is diuretik (emetic urine) and anti inlflamed, as in any modern medical treatment, nature of synthetic drugs used to treat acid fiber is anti inflamed (to reduce swelling caused cumulation acid crystal fiber) and also diuretik (for disposal to assist the excess acid in the blood vessel so that blood does not continue to accumulate in the body). But you must remember that, if you are a modern treatment, it is not recommended for use in traditional medicine at the same time, because it could be a dose doubled, thus even dangerous. Consult the doctor first if you want to use traditional medicine.

Sambiloto (Adrographis panniculata)

Is the original plant from India. In some areas Sambiloto also known by the name papaitan, ki peurat, bidara, mas wood, lang, pait ki, sampiroto, or ki oray. Sambiloto some flavanoid compound, alkane, keton, aldehid and also some minerals such as calcium, potassium and natrium. It is bitter, but the plant is known as anti inflamed, painful or analgetik remover, and the bidder is also toxic. The plant is used throughout the plant.

Sidaguri (sida rhombifolia)

Known by the name of the guri, siliguri, kahindu, sadagori, otok-otok or bitumu. Gynecology chemical is already known alkaloid, oksalat calcium, tannin, saponin, fenol, amino acid, oil atsiri, phlegmatic substance to ekspektoran, and lubrikan. Root contains alkaloid, steroid and aphredine. Sidaguri has a sweet taste, heat and cool slightly. In treatment, sidaguri used as anti inflamed, emetic urine remover and pain. The plant root is used. sidaguri

Bay (Eugenia polyanta)
known as the Indonesian people as a cooking spice fragrance that can add a unique culinary delights archipelago. Leaves a taste kelat and Astringent. Compound-like compound atsiri oil, tannin and flavonoid found in many leaves. Treatment for the leaves is the most widely used, but the roots, bark and fruit is nutritious as medicine.

Mustache Cat (Orthosiphon aristatus)
Also has long been known as a nutritious diuretik as ureter stone crusher. It's a little bitter sweet, used to grow in many ditch and creek, but it is not a few people who love plant this in the house yard. Potassium salt in the plant are nutritious soluble kidney stones, so many drugs used as a stone crusher. Gynecology sinsetin its nature as antibacteri, and the plant also contain this compound orthosiphonin mustache cat
glikosida. Diuretik nature of this plant is useful to help the body to remove excess acid strand through urin.

Meniran (Phyllanthus niruri)
When this plant is known as the drugs can increase the body's resistance. Meniran also known to clean the liver, as anti inflamed, subsidefever, emetic urine, sputum, emetic period, clarify vision, and increase appetite. Like a cat mustache, diuretiknya nature that is used to treat acid fiber.

Because the root - either why - be a cat, the plant earrings (Acalypha indica) are often also called cat- roots or cat. People known as the Sunda kokosan grass. It is bitter, cool and astringen. This nutritious herb as anti inflamed, antibiotics, emetic urine, mineral oil and stopping bleeding. Generally, people use to deal with the root disease acid fiber. earrings

Some ingredients that can be used to help overcome the interference acid fiber is:

1. Wash clean and boiled Sambiloto 10 grams of dry, dry rimpang temulawak 10 grams, komfrey 5 - 10 grams, fruit and pepper 1 gram with 5 glasses of water to remaining 3 glasses, drink a glass 3 times each day, 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after meals.
2. Wash leaves 10 grams net mustache cat dry or wet 20 grams, 10 grams meniran dry wet or 20 grams, 10 grams of dry ground mustard greens or 20 grams of wet, 15 grams of dried ginger red or 30 grams of wet, and 10 grams of dried cardamom. Bruised ginger red and join with the other ingredients, boiled in one liter of water to the remaining half. Drinking the morning, afternoon and evening, each ¾ cup (150 ml) drink or two times a day each 200 ml.
3. Boil 15 - 30 grams of dried herb or 30 - 60 grams of wet herb sidaguri with 3 cup water until half remaining, drink 3 times a day each ½ cup. If the roots, dose 10 - 15 grams.
4. Boil 10 - 15 sheets bay with fresh or dried 3 cup water until the remaining 1 cup, 2 times a day to drink each ½ cup.
5. Take 5 -7 cut the root of earrings (fresh or dried), boiled with 2 glasses of water to a glass left, after a cold drink at a time. Make 2 -3 times a day.
6. To use gandarusa fresh leaves 40 grams, fresh basil leaves 30 grams, 30 grams kencur fresh, fresh ginger red 30 grams, stiff leaf fresh 30 grams and 40 grams of rice. Submerged rice during the 3 - 4 hours. Wash all ingredients, pound, and mixed with rice that has been ditumbuk. After the mixed material and soft, place in container and herb on the sick sufficient. Make treatment twice a day, morning and afternoon.
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Heart disease are also not separated from the nutrient factors Feed consumed. And as the proverb says, it is better to prevent than treat. Following four main key to preventing heart disease.

1. Fat
Strive healthy balance between saturated fat does not double (polyumsaturated fat0 that can reduce the risk of heart disease with saturated fat (fat saturatd) that can increase the risk of heart disease.

2. Fish
Results of research shows that people who consumption fish at least twice a week can reduce the mortality due to heart disease.

3. Whole grain, cereals, nuts, vegetables., Fruit and low fat and contain components that make healthy heart are:
- Gynecology fiber can lower blood cholesterol. High blood cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease.
- Acid folat is in vegetables, fruit, nuts, and whole grain may reduce the rate amino acid homocysteine in the blood. A high homocysteine level in blood is associated with increased risk of heart disease.
- Anti oksidan in fruit and vegetables and whole grain a role to prevent development of the heart.
- Sterol plants found in food plants, can lower the cholesterol level in blood.

4. Salt
Feed restrict salt will help reduce pressure hypertension.

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Heart Disease Risk Factors

Heart disease can be caused by a risk which can not be avoided and risk factor that can be avoided.
Risk factors that can not be avoided

1. Age
Heart disease is generally associated with increasing age. Usually someone who was more easily affected more heart attack compared with a younger age. More than 80% of people died because of heart attack in people over age 60 years.

2. Sex
Estimated there is a difference in risk between men and women at a young age. Women naturally produce the hormone estrogen is exposed to low-risk heart attack than men. This difference is lost when women experience menopause, women's risk of heart disease infected with the same man.

3. Family history
Historical decreased coronary heart disease in families. In addition to factors gen, coronary heart disease also influenced the style of life such as smoking, eating patterns, less stress, and sports. In some cases, genes, this is not the end of the development of heart disease. Results of research on heart disease genes found that the risk factors that change with the pattern with the pattern of life since a young healthy life so that the risk of heart disease can be avoided.

Risk factors that can be avoided

1. The high cholesterol content in blood.
Results of research found that someone who had cholesterol level more than 300mg/dl, have affected trends in coronary heart disease four times higher than that have a cholesterol level below 200 mg / dk.

2. Hypertension
The process of atherosclerosis is easier to occur in people with hypertension. Men who have hypertension atherosclerosis risk higher than women.

3. Diabetes
Diabetes melitus on heart patients can increase mortality up to two times. The influence of this more going on diabetes mellitus of women who more frequently experienced disfunction heart pump or heart failure.

4. Smoking
Exposed to the risk of coronary heart disease or death due to coronary heart was two to five times greater than non-smokers.

5. Diet
High-calorie diet, high fat (saturated fat), cholesterol, sugar and salt increase the risk of the occurrence of coronary heart disease.

6. Obesity
Obesity is often accompanied by an increase in blood cholesterol. Hypertension, diabetes mellitus and obesity have a share in the process of the occurrence of coronary heart disease. Body weight can be controlled through IMT (Index The Body). The formula: IMT with the same body weight (kg) divided the body of high x high body.
If the results obtained are:
- <18.5> 27 means Obesity

Excess body weight can be managed with a reduced calorie 1500 calories a day along with regular sport. Balanced eating pattern is applied to maintain ideal body weight.

7. Physical activities and sports
Yag some results of research conducted in the United States proves that the lack of physical activity and sports enhance the risk of coronary heart disease affected.

8. Stress
These factors influence the occurrence of heart disease Coroner, for example occurred on a busy person.

The way to avoid that is clear of the right things that can cause disease, such as stopping smoking, stress , eat balanced meals low fat and cholesterol, the sport regularly.

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In addition to heart disease and cancer, smoking also causes other diseases. What are disease it? Next explanation is that the disease affects those who suck cigarettes.

1. Cataracts

Smoking is causing interference on the eyes. The smokers have a risk of 40% higher exposure cataracts, eye lens opaque that impede the entry of light can even lead to blindness. Smoking causes cataracts through two ways, namely irritation and release chemical substances to tuberculosis in the blood, preventing the flow of oxygen to the eye. Smoking is also associated with age . Macular, an eye disease that can not be cured because of the setback from the center of the retina, called the macula. Macula responsible focusing on eye shadow and the ability to read, drive, and the introduction of color face, and see objects in detail.

2. Hearing loss

Smoking appear plaque on blood vessel, decreasing blood flow in the ear. Smokers are easier to lose hearing because of ear infections or loud noise. Smokers are also three times more easily infected middle ear infections than non-smokers that can cause complications such as meningitis and facial muscles paralyzed .

3. Sore Flank

Smoking lower body defense against bacteria causes stomach sore. This is also harmful to the ability to neutralize stomach acid after eating. Sore on smokers are more difficult and more easily treated relapse.

4. Ostheoporosis

Carbon monoxide, the main exit from the vehicle exhaust and cigarette smoke, have any power to bind the more red blood cells and oxygen, reducing the power doze blood oxygen of 15% smokers.

(As a result, the smokers have a decreased bone density with, easier fraktur and takes 80% longer to heal. Smokers are also more easily suffer spinal pain, a study shows that industrial workers who smoke 5 times the likelihood of pain after spinal injury.

6. Diseases Burger

The disease is also called burger thromboangitis obliterans, a carotid inflammation, vessel back, and the nervous feet. Principle, a role to reduce the flow of blood. If not treated, the disease can cause a burger gangrene (death of the network). Gangrene treatment is conducted with concision.

7. Emphysema

In addition to tuberculosis cancer, smoking causes emphysema, the outbreak of the respiratory bag tuberculosis capacity to take oxygen, and remove carbon dioxide. At the extreme, trakheostomi needs to be done to breathe. Opens a pipe inserted into the trachea to help air into tuberculosis. Chronic bronchitis caused heap phlegm, pain when coughing and difficulty breathing.

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In avocado are a healthy fat, like saturated fatty acid is not a single oleat are strong antioxidants.

This fat helps lower LDL level (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol), which of course is necessary for heart health. In addition, the uterus betakaroten, klorofil, vitamin E and vitamin B complex, also to be protective for the good health. By doing so, the fruit that comes from the Central America and Mexico is capable of pressing the occurrence of the risk of stroke and heart attack.
Consumption avocado evident in the number of lots to provide a positive impact in the cholesterol in the blood. In a study, those who suffer hiperkolesterolemia and avocado strict diet showed decreases in total cholesterol between 17 percent and bad Cholesterol trigliserida also number to 22 percent, and was increasing good cholesterol level (HDL) 11 percent. In addition to high-fat, avocado is also rich folat, potassium, vitamins B, E, K, and fiber.

Symptoms and Sign-Sign of Heart Attacks

Heart attack happens in a sudden, not so rare that people exposed to heart attack can not be fed. In fact, the heart attack have symptoms and signs, but many are unaware or do not even affected by the type of other diseases. Wind sits, known many people who are actually heart attack. Following symptoms and signs of heart attack.

Feeling depressed touches such as heavy load, pain, squeezed in the chest or burned. This feeling can sweep across the chest, left shoulder, left arm, back, neck under the jaw and neck down. Long run, such as gag or felt crowded that last for 20 minutes with cold sweat, feeling weak, pulse and even, sometimes followed by fainting. Heart attacks often occur in the morning.
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Menstruation was bleeding from the womb with mucous discharge womb that occurs periodically and monthly. Every healthy women who are not pregnant and do not get menopause will menstruation on a regular basis each month.
Disruption of normal experience of women around the menstruation including pain and pre-menstruation syndrome (PMS).
A. Pre-Menstruation syndrome (PMS) pre-menstruation syndrome is a collection of symptoms that appear between 1 and 14 days before the menstruation and usually stops when menstruation start. Symptoms may include a complaint that the physiological system of the body and psychological symptoms that cause mental and emotional problems.
STDs are common, especially in the age range of women in pregnancy, between 25 - 45 years old. The percentage of people with STDs higher in women who use the pill and the birth KB. Clarity about the causes of PMS is not yet known exactly, but any relationship with hormonal changes. There was an increase in the hormone estrogen causes sudden imbalance progesterone-hormone estrogen in the body.
Levels of illness and a variety of PMS symptoms can vary in every woman who suffering, the symptoms of mild to disrupt that and worse. The variety of symptoms of PMS can include a combination of the following:
Psychological symptoms: change in behavior includes / personnel like feeling sensitive, easily offended or angry, anxious, restlessness, easy to cry, not comfortable mood, fatigue, depression, irritation, less confident, nervous, confused, difficult concentration, sleep disturbances, desire sexual changes.
Physical symptoms: breast pain and swell, flatulence, nausea and stomach cramps, back pain, joint pain, stiff neck and tense, headache, arising whelk, tap the heart and not regular pulse, shortness of breath, diarrhea or constipation, food craze of the food is usually salty / savory and sweet.
Pre-menstruation syndrome (PMS) is actually only a physical problem, people must learn to mitigate symptoms alone. Here are some tips that can be done to overcome the pre-menstruation syndrome (PMS):
- Make a light sports such as walking, cycling or swimming. Do regularly 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes each time you exercise. This is useful to relax muscles and joints and reduce the liquid hoarding.
- Diet low fat, salt and sugar but high protein and fiber to help reduce the excess estrogen and to reduce swelling breast.
- The consumption of foods rich in anti-compound STDs, such as rough Fiber (fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains); Vitamin B6 (fresh fish, tuna, liver, beans, rice, avocado, banana); Seng (liver, shellfish, salmon, chicken, lobster); Calcium (soybean, tempe, know, havermuts, teri, canned sardine), Magnesium (lalap raw green vegetables, apples, mede peanut, soybean, tempe, seafood).
- Avoid foods and drinks containing caffeine, alcohol and nicotine for 2 weeks before the menstruation.
- Drink fluids to 8 glasses each day
- Sleep well at night. If PMS disrupt sleep tonight try siesta
- Make rileksasi techniques such as in-breathe in, yoga, meditation or be sub merger in hot water.
Natural therapy:
- 200 grams, 150 grams of cucumber leaf green mustard greens, washed clean blended ago, and then drink. (To reduce tension and breast pain associated with PMS)
- 6 grains angco (dates china) + 10 + lotus seed grains 10 grams, 20 grams of ginger ginger, boiled with water up to 500 cc remaining 200 cc, filtered, drunk warm-warm, and angco seed teratainya eaten. (To increase energy, the tired, the flatulence, nausea and stiff / sore muscles).
- Note: Angco and lotus seeds can be purchased at Chinese medicine shops or supermarkets.
B. Sick Menstruation (Dysmenorrheal)
Soreness when menstruation gynecology complaint is the most common and experienced by many women. Pain is not known for certain causes, but hormone imbalance factors and psychological factors can influence. Pain is likely the result of the increased seekers hormone prostaglandin that causes increased contraction uterus, this type of pain menstruation attack many teenagers and adults to take place.
In addition, painful menstruation can also relate to the interference gynecologist as mimosa, endometriosis, pelvic inflammation disease, and the tumor from the pelvis, usually occurs in older women who previously did not experience pain menstruation. To menstruation pain-related interference gynecologist it must be fixed first.
Symptoms of painful menstruation among which are: the pain does not come regularly, and sharp cramps in the bottom of the stomach. Menstruation pain is often followed by a pre-menstruation syndrome (flatulence, breast pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, and irritabilities).
Here are some tips to overcome the pain when menstruation:
- Paste compress hot / warm or hot water bottle on the stomach.
- Massage soft abdomen slowly
- Bedroom sprawl and support the knee pad
- Make a light sports such as calisthenics, walking, cycling or made before and during menstruation to expedite the flow of blood to the muscles around the uterus, so that pain can be reduced or overcame.
Next herbal therapy to overcome painful menstruation:
Recipe 1.
Ingredients: 30 grams ginger buffoonery 25 grams 15 grams 25 grams ginger black tamarind and palm sugar sufficient.
How to use:
The material to be washed clean and cut-cut, boiled with water up to 600 cc remaining 300 cc, filtered drinking water for 2 times a day, every time you drink 150 cc.
Recipes 2.
3 rosebud merah15 gram turmeric leaf dewa25
How to use:
All materials to be washed clean and cut-cut, then boiled with water up to 600 cc remaining 300 cc, filtered, drink 2 times a day, every time you drink 150 cc.
Note: select one of the prescription, in the boiling pot use or enamel pot soil .***

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So far we only know the wine as one of the fruit dessert, or drink as a basic class luxury. But more than that, it seems that behind the sweet wine that has a womb antioxidants naturally high enough work to help protect the skin from free radicals *).

Grapeseed extract or grape seed extract is a bioflavonoid, the natural materials that can strengthen and protect the cells alive. Gynecology grape seed extract on the OPC or Olygomer Procyanidolic Complex 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and 20 times than Vitamin C. Because of the high bioflavonoidnya womb, grape seed extract and effective for antialergi, antipembengkakan, and antioxidants. If consumed through oral (supplement), grape seed extract can strengthen the blood vessel and to help facilitate the circulation of blood. Meanwhile, in the skin, grape seed extract to help maintain skin health through antioksidannya. In Europe, the doctors have started meresepkan wine seed extract to help prevention and recovery of various diseases such as heart trouble, varises, collagen damage and arthritis.

When we grow, the ability in the body against free radical decrease, especially with the lifestyle and eating patterns are not regular, and also that the dirty air and berpolusi, causing our bodies continuously attacked by free radicals almost anywhere we are. Gynecology bioflavonoid extract from grape seeds called proantocyanidin can also help strengthen and protect the cells from Membrane oxidation reactions caused by free radicals.

Oriflame in September 2007 presents a series of GRAPE-based extract natural organic grape seed, obtained from the vineyards planted without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, so that the resulting high quality and purity that is also safe for the environment.

GRAPE series consists of 3 products daily and 1 weekly care products, suitable for normal to combination skin. All formulated with 100% natural extracts that contain organic wine property's pristine nature, are directly on your skin.