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Children under five often experience pain because the body is still vulnerable to disease. For the most recover is good in ways that nature. Here are some herbal concoction to five:

1. Coconut Water & Coffee.
Can be used for drug muntaber because many young coconut water contains minerals potassium, which is when many children out muntaber. Dose no, it's up to you. Mixed with a little coffee (seujung spoon only).

2. Brotowali (Putrawali, Andawali).
Useful for external wound-healing wounds and itching due to scabies itch-(Scabies). I, 2-3 finger stem brotowali cut small, boiled with 6 glasses of water. After the boil, leave for 1 / 2 hours. Filtered water and use to treat wounds and itchy-itchy.

3. Lemon.
To dilute phlegm and cough medicine children. How, mixed 1 tablespoon lemon press water, 3 tablespoon pure honey, 5 tbs water, and the team for 30 minutes. Measure the baby to drink: - children aged 6 months - 1 year: 2 times 1 / 2 tsp-aged children 1-3 years: 2 times 1 tsp-aged children 4-5 years old: 2 times 1 1 / 2 tsp
Alternatively, cut pieces 1 lemon, Presswater, put in a glass / cup. Add sweet soy sauce, poke. Measure for children to drink 3 times a 1 teaspoon per day.

4. Potatoes.
To ulcer drugs. How, grated potato and press. A smear extract water and grated fresh potato be smeared on the ulcer 3-4 times per day. Also to be a skin rash caused by prickly heat or sweat buntet (miliaria), because the nature of the potato Cold.

5. Banglai. (Bangle, panglai, manglai, pandhiyang)
To calm babies and children are often fussy at night, thick skin fresh grated bangle in the brow and the body of a child.

6. Olive oil.
To medicine scaly scurf on the head or the baby (cradlle crap), as much as 1-2 times per day be smeared on the scalp.

7. Crocodile tongue.
To treat burns in infants and children. How smear the meat with aloe vera leaf on the surface of the skin burns.

8. Papaya leaves.
Nutritious increase appetite, menyembukan disease malaria, fever, beri-beri and stomach cramps. How, young papaya leaves ditumbuk, diperas, filtered drinking water ago.

9. Temulawak.
To increase the appetite. How temulawak 150 grams and 50 grams of fresh turmeric peeled, sliced thin, in the 500 cc rendam honey kapok in toples closed for 2 weeks. Sunday after 2 ingredients ready to use. Rules drinking 1 tablespoon honey temulawak dilarutkan in 1 / 2 cangkit warm water, drink morning and evening.

10. Kencur.
To alleviate cough in children. 5 grams kencu how sgar washed clean, seam, and add 2 tablespoon of water and stirred white mature. Once strained, add 1 tablespoon pure honey. Give 2-3 times a day.

11. Fennel. .
Fennel can be used to alleviate the suffering baby kolik or a discharge due to dental pain. To cure a cold and kolik, is 1 teaspoon fennel dilarukan with 1 cup boiling water, until dissolved confused. After a rather cold, the solution can be given to the infant / child with the measure: - age 6 months-1 year: 2 times 1 / 2 tsp-age 1-3 years: 2 times 1 tsp-age 4-5 years: 2 times 1 1 / 2 tsp.

Drop recipe for hot-cold-cough in children:
Grated onion, add the oil telon, balurkan ago on the back until the buttocks while slightly sorted. The navel and the crown.
To drink ingredients: a cup of water plus 1 teaspoon honey, confused, and steam. After a cold, give the children of 3 tsp every 2 hours once. This herb is given to infants up to 8 weeks. When children under the age of 8 months, enough with the breastfeeding mother, or a concoction to drink it.

In the children who quite large, use ingredients such as drinking water and turmeric honey. Half to one segment of the finger turmeric has been burned clean, dikerik skin, shredded, and were given water 1 / 2 cup, PERAS, then diendapkan. The intervention without the turmeric water with sediment grains shuffle 1 yolk and 1 tablespoon honey, and disuapkan on children. This herb can be used for penurun heat illness such as chickenpox, flu, or whatever.