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To stay healthy of course must pay attention to food and drink was consumed. Here are tips on choosing short of food and drink right to keep your heart healthy.

Try to eat a variety of foods, including vegetables, whole grains, low-fat meats, fish, fruits, vegetable oils, nuts, and consume less fat.

Make eat vegetables as a habit every day. Make sure there are five kinds of vegetables and two kinds of fruit in your diet every day.

Choose whole grain bread and cereal for breakfast.

Beans and peas can be taken twice a week.

Fats and Oils
A. However, the body still needs fat. However, there are some things worth noting.

1. Use margarines made from plants as a spread on your bread .. Another step is to replace the margarine with the avocado as a spread.
2. When sauteing, use oil made from plants.
3. In order salad consumed more healthy, use mayonnaise made from soybean, olive, or sunflower seeds.
4. Get used to eating oily fish two to three times a week or consumption of fish weighing 150 grams. Use of fish oil capsules are also equipped with an omega-3.
5. You still can eat meat, but should choose lean meat. For chicken or duck meat, do not consume the skin, try not to consume too much processed meat (sausage) and reduce eating a variety of organ meats.
6. You can still eat a variety of fast food, but just once a week.

B. Blood cholesterol level is more influenced by the consumption of saturated fat compared with the cholesterol in food. A balanced diet that also includes eating two eggs in two or three times a week.

C. The best way to reduce saturated fat is not at all or reduce consumption of fatty foods.

1. Choose milk, yogurt, custards, and desserts are low in fat.
2. You can eat cheese, but make sure that sufficient portions of 20-40 grams can consume four days a week. Cheese low-fat cheese are like ricotta, cottage, light mozzarella is a better choice.
3. Diet does not mean that no tomb of ice cream. Just drop on lower fat choices plain ice cream is consumed as much as 50 grams, three times a week.

When shopping, you should choose foods that are labeled 'no added salt', 'low salt', or 'salt reduced'.

From now on, choose healthy snacks such as fresh fruit or beans without salt, or one cup of fruit processed.
Reduce snack contains sugar, fat and salt.

Consumption of water a day.
Fruit or vegetable juice is also good consumed, but not the means to replace the white water.
Limit fizzy drink which is usually rich in sugar.
Coffee and tea may be drunk but within reasonable limits. If you want to consume milk, choose low-fat.
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healthy food

tall cholesterol and high blood pressure is human principal murderer. cholesterol that congest can dirty blood vessel, causes plaque, and clog blood stream. will be like when does blood not flow fluent? body organ can ”korsleting” and sudden. when strike vital organ, heart for example and brain, soul can threatened.

many manners to demote cholesterol degree. medicine chemistry counted effective demote cholesterol. the ugly, medicine dependence can causes also body function disturbance. well, try demote cholesterol degree by natural. because, there kok food that can depress cholesterol.

that victuals can demote degree low-density lipoproptein (ldl) alias wicked cholesterol that causess plaque at blood vessel. that victuals even increase high-density lipoprotein (hdl) alias cholesterol both for can be maked use body to cultivate vitamin that dissolve in fat.
to demote degree ldl, you must decrease satisfied fat. satisfied fat usually is found at product meat for example, milk, cream, butter, and cheese. there also sih satisfied fat that comes from coconut milk for example vegetable, palm oil, and vegetable fat

follow tips natural manner demotes cholesterol and trigliserida (by dr. kardi)

food may not consumption (many contain cholesterol)

1. quill egg (3640 mg)*
2. tripe, skin
3. innards: brain (2300 mg), cow innards (360), goat innards (610 mg), gajih cow (130 mg),

food may once in a while (1-2 time/week)

1. butter/margarine (380 mg)
2. yellow chicken/duck egg (2000 mg)
3. brown/cacao (290 mg)
4. sea food: cumi(1170 mg), shrimp (160 mg), shell (160 mg), oyster (460 mg), crab/small crab (150 mg)
5. meat sausage (150 mg)
6. eel fish (185 mg)
7. cheese (140 mg)
8. coconut milk (185 mg)

manner cooks sea food that is boil eaten with the skin/the eggshell.

limit food that contain satisfied fat

1. thick sawit/coconut milk palm oil
2. butter, margarine, cheese
3. don't ever wear vegetable oil former
4. milk full cream

limit pure carbohydrate

1. stone sand/sugar sugar
2. soft drink
3. honey
4. syrup, jam, bolu

multiply food that contains fitosterol because fitosterol will retard cholesterol absorption at intestines.

1. bean: peanut, soy bean
2. unsatiated fat: corn oil, olive, oil rape, sunflower oil
3. fruits: apple, banana, wine, melon
4. vegetable: brocolli, cauliflower
5. cereals and cereal product: gandung, brown rice

will multiply food that contain vitamin b3 (niasin) because niasin will demote cholesterol will prevent blood lump. for example: skin rice/katul, skin gandung, peanut, salmon, know, tempe, yeast

will multiply fibrous food because fibrous food will retard cholesterol absorption. the mass: skin gandung, wheat porridge (oatmeal), brown rice, pod polong-polongan, vegetables, fruits (melon, blewah, cucumber suri, water melon, jelly, sea grass, cincau, pumpkin)

will multiply food that contain antioksidan because antioksidan will prevent oxidation ldl that at blood vessel.

1. selenium: garlic, tomato, seafish, brocolli
2. vitamin c: orange, jambu seed etc
3. vitamin e: toge/sprout, pod, soy bean milk, know, tempe

multiply food that contain omega-3 because omega-3 prevent blood clotting at blood vessel. for example: salmon, small fish fish, fish marlin, fish , tuna, fish lemeru. the ripe manner must be boiled.

will multiply to eat mushroom because mushroom will decrease cholesterol maker at liver. mushroom for example merang, oyster mushroom another mushroom doesn't poisonous. note: medicine dropping group cholesterol statin also extracted from certain mushroom.

multiply regular physical/sport activity 3 times one week (by foot every day 30-40 minute)

lose weight body and maintain to heavy ideal body.
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continual bumped into peevish and stres it is better is not faced and overcome with contain it. begin in this time, begin to overcome annoyance emotion by which are positive. will let emotion gyve self will make you risk higher will experience heart sickness.

little study that is done researcher from university california, dr. andrew j. fuligni and friend towards 69 students sma show, adolescent that experience many stres every the day will experience enhanced protein certain in blood. protein this can causes chronic inflamation. this inflamation furthermore will increase heart sickness risk along with age increase.

researcher transcribes all interactions interpersonal negative from participants during 2 weeks. this negative interaction can shaped conflict with family, disturbance from friend, or warning from teachers. furthermore, researchers measuress degree protein reaktif-c in participant blood around 8 months then.

based on previous watchfulness, degree protein reaktif-c tall be possibility sign the happening of inflamation in body. this matter then will increase disease risk kardiovaskular in adult.

researchers finds, degree protein reaktif-c increase along with the increasing of frequency stres daily that involve another person. the result being equal, even after researcher calculates difference level factor sensitivitas every participant towards denial, pressure full situation that in life everyday, and source stres another.

“happened that annoying and like to clash with family member or friend can affect bad for well-being, especially if often happen during certain time distance, ” bright fuligni such as those which quoted by foxnews. com.

in study that publicized at journal psychosomatic medicine this, fuligni and friend emphasizeds watchfulness result consistency with amount of proof that hook stres with inflamation enhanced. ”p

this furthermore will increase disease risk kardiovaskular, ” bright .
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1) fever
pick 2 - 4 hold the lemon leaves. boiled with 2 - 4 glasses of water. use water to this is stew mengompres fever patients. how to wash cloth in water and stew press, and placed on the foreheads of.

2) coughing chronic
press to denunciated old lemon. take water the distillation one teaspoon. soy sauce mixed with sweet. drink three times a day. another way is to treat cough with roast lemon briefly above the fire is estimated to water in the boiling lemon. let the fruit until lukewarm. half lemon, and merectly into the mouth press to flow to the throat. this is recipe is also good to cure influenza.
3) lightweight influenza
drinking lemon water is warm.
4) poor blood menyeases
prepare the spinach leaves in the form of thorns 25 g, 2 egg grains, fruit ½ lemon, pure honey 2 tablespoon, and the palm leaves liman 10 g. spinach leaves and fallen leaves liman cleaned, and taken threshed and water. water is mixed with the yolk, lemon, and honey. stir to be drunk and average 2 times a day.
4) whoa smocking habit
suck piece lemon. it's a fresh acid make you drink water to inflame white. do several times a day. this is is in addition to the desire to reduce also helps to clean the nicotine that smocking is is found in the teeth and mouth smocking.
5) that is does musical note smell delicious armpit
prepare the lemon mixed in tea, other than to refresh the body, is also able to facilitate the charge urine.

1) asthma
for adults, can be a cone-shaped cigarette sucked the people. cone-shaped flower is the dried, can also be dried 2 cone-shaped leaves. cone-shaped leaves or flowers then this, then burned and sucked such axis cigarettes. this is medicine should musical note is sucked stem more than 1 time in 6 hours, because it can cause addiction, so musical note suitable for children.

people with asthma who acres very young or children can inhale steam burnup cone-shaped leaves or flowers. to do the same axis above, only after the leaves or dried flowers, the materials is burned away.

2) ulcer
pick cone-shaped leaves or flowers. pound materials. paste the impact of this is illness to the boil. blain usually cooked and will soon recover.
3) the anus
the stem and leaf crops boiled ago made drugs washing anus.


1) urinary infection, or frequently urinate (anyang-anyangan)
pick stalk and leaves paint stash of 30 g. add leaves meniran and communis commelia each 30 g. boil and drink.
2) urinate and choked with the pain
mustache paint that is leaves can be dried , such axis tea, and drink with palm sugar is also nutritious.
3) high blood
prepare leaves mustache paint wet and dry axis much axis 50 g. mustache paint leaves the dry cleaned ago with boiled water sufficient. the fresh leaves merectly with sexyly water. results of both ingredients taken strained ago. this is herb should be drunk a glass a day.
4) fever
prepare 100 g root mustache paint. wash and clean. then boiled water axis 2000 cc. after boiling water until hush musical note too sexy, and then filtered and collected water. water stew was drunk a glass a day.
5) merit others (healing the urinate infections and kidney stones, adding appetite, eliminate heat and cure rheumatism)
all plant materials paint mustache can also be dried or boiled, ago, such axis drinking tea.


1) dysentery
rimpang turmeric axis 1 - 2 fruit boiled with 2 glasses of water with lime and betel gambier sufficient. do live up to boiling 1 cup, and filtered water and drink.
2) musical note a hapa fluent
two rimpang turmeric, ½ tsp coriander, ½ teaspoon nutmeg seeds, leaves and ½ handheld sri ivory threshed until smooth. add water and 1 l boil until boiling. ago filtered water and drink a glass a day.
3) tonsil
take 1 - 2 rimpang turmeric, 1 clove lemon, honey and 2 spoons. rimpang turmeric shredded. orange and water taken. mix materials with honey and ½ cup sexy water. poke and filter drunk regularly before 2 cup once.
4) ulcer or afternoon
rimpang a saffron shredded and added that is with a little coconut oil can be used to treat ulcer or afternoon. how, the materials acres mixed, and then wrapped with banana leaves and heat. dab or paste on the part of the sick.
5) killing furfur
pound rimpang turmeric a little big. after the drain scrub or massage the essence so that the scalp overnight or at least several hours. after that, wash the hair with shampoo.
6) member swelling on the body because insect bitten or exposed feather caterpillar.
grater 2 - 3 rimpang turmeric. add ¼ tablespoon whiting and evenly mixed. dab or paste materials in the affected part.


1) increasing appetite
rimpang bitter lempuyang of 150 g to be washed clean. then the as general as until smooth. boil grated with water up to 2500 cc water, half-live. to remove the bitter taste can be brownian sugar 50 g. filtered before drinking. water is drunk 3 times a day, just 1 tablespoon.

2) whooping cough or whooping cough
rimpang lempuyang bitter cinnamon mixed china and red onion that is has been baked. mixture is threshed and then drink the distillation results.
3) shrimp or fish allergies sea so that is arise pruritis
thin slices of thin-rimpang lempuyang bitter, pour boiling water into such axis tea, and drunk every day until the allergy symptoms menyappear.
4) footwashing rheumatics
rimpang lempuyang bitter threshed, mixed with coconut oil and salt to form paste kitchen. this is herb is also useful to treat swelling, swelling in the body. how dab paste on the swelling.
5) rheumatism in pool
rimpang lempuyang fragrant peeled, and mixed with chili-bred, pulverizinged, plus rice and dried. herb is placed on the body of the sick.
6) blood adder
rimpang lempuyang fragrant shredded, and mixed with palm sugar, and boiled with water sufficient. drink water 3 times a day for 1 tablespoon.


1) various skin menyeases, such scabies axis, ulceration, and ulcer
rimpang ginger garlic added axis much axis 4 times rimpang threshed be smooth and pulp (pasta). place pasta in place of the sick. to mange chronic, add a little vinegar to the pasta. in addition, rimpang fresh chopped fiber to arise and be a little vinegar can be used to rub the skin blotch.

2) eardrops
rimpang the young threshed and press water. water can be axis medicine dribbled ear.
3) cleaner, pelancar urine, and restorative gall.
rimpang-sliced ginger slices and soaked in alcohol, then in the stomach.
4) rheumatism
rimpang ginger boiled. warm water that is is still used for bathing.
5) other menyeases
rimpang made a ginger spice mix in the kitchen cooking every day can also be trusted strengthen stomach and intestine, improving menggestion, removing the mucus in the respiratory tract, cure headaches and chest pain, and increase appetite.

aloe vera

1) hair fertilizer
take a leaf of fresh aloe vera and sufficient be. take the meat leaves the gelatinous and scalp. then the hair wrapped with cloth and let some time to sink in that is the skin before washing.

2) cure hair that is easy to fall off
aloe vera leaves to prepare 40 g, 20 g leaves mangko, young leaves spades 20 g, hazelnut oil and 50 ml. pound all leaves until smooth. results acres mixed collision with hazelnut oil. this is herb to be scalp. leave for some time (longer is better) before washing.

3) pain or burning siram flights of light
place the meat leaves the body to the sick.

4) blain
meat aloe vera leaves and salt added to the boil

5) blood urinate
quotation 15 g of fresh aloe vera leaves. press and take water. add 30 g of sugar and a little rice water before drinking.

6) hemorrhoids
prepare ½ aloe vera leaves. menycard prickly ago washed clean. grater leaves and add ½ cup water and 2 tablespoon honey. stir average mixture, and filtered. with this is concoction to drink 3 times a day acres expected to recover soon hemorrhoids.

7) siphylis
cut interest aloe vera. with boiled meat and a little water. drink water stew ago.


1) animals bited or swelling
take a leaf or jasmine sufficient. mill to pulverize or until smooth. after that, the paste on the body of the sick.

2) the red or ruddy
quotation jasmine axis 6 g and boiled. some of the water can be drunk boiled it and some more to wash the eyes.

3) hair brace or accelerating hairline
prepare 6 leaf mangko, fragrant pandanus leaves 2, 6-aring urang leaves, 1 cup coconut oil, sesame oil 50 ml, 10 grams of hazelnut, 2 rose, jasmine 14, and 4 l of water. coconut oil and sesame oil mixed and heated. threshed pecan leaves and smooth. flower chopped small. all materials acres mixed and then heated up in a small fire for 20 minutes. filtered water and stew make cool be lubricated prior to the scalp massage. do this is 2 times a day before the bath.

4) production asi excessive
take jasmine flowers and leaves sufficient. contuse ago paste around the breast. do with it several times a day.

5) insomnia or sleep difficult
take the root of jasmine 1 - 1.5 g, and washed clean. pound roots and add water sufficient, then filtered before drinking.

1) hemorrhoids
take plants pegagan following the 5 root crops. once cleaned, cut-potong trees. enter into the vessel containing a cup of sexy water and boil for 5 minutes. make cool water, and drink little by little. one cup of water for a day is spent

2) exercise swelling or liver
take 240 - 600 g pegagan fresh and boiled. drink water regularly.
3) ulcer, snake bitten, or bloody wound
take the plant pegagan fresh, pulverize, and paste to the sick.

4) high blood
pegagan leaf pieces and 20 plus 3 cup water, boiled until it becomes ¾. drinking water stew 3 times a day, each ¾ cup.

5) other merit (measles, fever, tonsillitis, stomach ache, poor appetite, clearing the blood, improve network gall so that is the process of menggestion current)
pick 15 - 30 g fresh pegagan, chewing until pulverized. in addition, you can also drink water and boiled.


1) centers for blister
notch or cut-potong papaya fruit skin. the sap patches and dab to blister the skin. hush a day during the night. when the blister wide, papaya fruit and meat can be shredded fruit placed.

2) fever and malari
pick papaya leaves and young pound up to half a glass, add ¾ cup water and a little salt. press mixture and filter it. this is liquid drunk 3 times a day with the same dose. make 5 consecutive days.

3) bited rattlesnake
take 5 finger root papaya. pound to clean and smooth. paste in the affected bites and bandage. change 2 times a day.

4) gray before time
take 30 seeds and papaya , and pound until smooth. mix with 1 spoonful of coconut oil. scrub skin on the head of gray.

5) worms bracelets
provide 2 tablespoon papaya seeds. mill pulp and pour boiling water into with ½ cup sexy water, then add 1 tablespoon honey. drink liquids this is summer-hot.

6) jengkolan (difficult card water because too much to eat jengkol)
half a papaya leaf stalk added 10 pieces of peanut leaf stalk is long and 6 leaves of cassava to be washed clean. pound materials until smooth. then plus ½ cup water and cook kneaded. add 1 spoon honey, and press to filter. this is solution drink 1 - 2 times a day.
7) other merit (health menggestion / pose of the water , maag, cancer, and stimulate appetite)
ripe papaya fruit is consumed in fresh or axis a dessert.


1) typhus
quotation 10 - 15 pieces of fresh leaves sambiloto. add sufficient water and boiled until boiling. to overcome the taste leaves a very bitter, you can drink when mixed with honey.
2) tb lung
sambiloto fresh, dried leaves, then grinding to a fine powder. after that, plus a little honey and made orbicular orbicular-pill berdiameter about 0.5 cm. this hydrant should be drunk with water 2 - 3 times a day. once you can drink 15 - 30 pills.
3) pertussis, or whooping cough
three pieces of leaf sambiloto with sexyly water and add a little honey. drink this is solution 3 times a day.
4) gonorrhea
3 quotation sambiloto following stem-leaf leaves. wash clean boil ago with 4 cup water until the remaining 2.25 glass only. make cool water first, the new filter. if you want to add honey axis drunk. do 3 times a day each ¾ cup.
5) fever
sambiloto fresh leaves to be the body of the patient or the forehead.
6) adder appetite
prepare the leaf blade sambiloto 10. in addition, prepare the skin and stem trees of 50 g. the materials is to be washed clean, then boiled with a 3000 cc water. just drunk a glass of water a day. to remove the bitter taste can be added a little honey.
7) nose slimy, dental health
some 9 - 15 g plant fresh boiled water and drink.
8) eardrops
pulverizinged plants and fresh water memperas. drip water to the ear.


1) eliminate the smell
boil 5 pieces of fresh betel leaf with 2 glasses of water. to be boiling water 1 cup live. water is drunk by day.
2) blood nosebleed or charge from the nose
take 1 sheet of fresh betel leaf is quite young. wash and clean. leaves menekuk two ago the fold is rolled of nostril. so betel leaf coil inserted into the nose bleed. do to whoa blood flow. people still try to sit upright so that is the blood does musical note flow to the back of the nose cavity.
3) cleaning the eye itchy or red
boil 5 - 6 pieces of betel leaf young new quoted with 1 cup water. after boiling, water cooled. wash stew eyes with water 3 times a day earlier.
4) or ulceration pruritis
take the 20 pieces of betel leaf is quite old. boiled with water about 3 - 4 glasses. use water that is is still warm stew to wash the body is exposed to ulceration or itching.
5) medicine canker
pick 1 or 2 pieces of betel leaf. clean leaf chewing ago until pulverized. let briefly in the mouth, especially in the affected canker.
6) other merit
water betel leaf stew also can be trusted to mouth odor when. in addition, it can reduce the pimple when to face. betel leaf that is is eaten with lime and areca nut is also believed to be able to strengthen the teeth is musical note easy to date.

key meet

1) medicine canker
rimpang meeting key-chewing can be chewed, then swallowed. menguyah slices with rimpang areca, canker than can heal, can also cure the menyease tuberculosis.

2) is memfficult or urinate flatulency on children
rimpang meeting key shredded, and mixed with fennel pulo essence that is has been mashed and formed into paste or powder, such axis thick. the mixture is placed to the belly of the child.

3) worms bracelets
rimpang meet to threshed key, add the coconut milk, and less sulphur powder, and drink.


1) cure smell agency that dreadful
take a joke rimpang meeting. grater boiled with water and 1 litre makes cool before drinking.
2) clearing the blood
rimpang meet buffoonery thin-sliced thinly, then dried to dry. rimpang this is with warm water, and drunk axis tea. so that musical note too bitter, while imbibe it can be mixed with brownianly sugar.
3) yellow cure menyeases (interference on the exercise / liver), malari fever, and increase breastfeeding and constipation
rimpang shredded and press water, then drink. can also drink water with the stew rimpang meeting a dry joke.
4) agency that is too because tired most works or after falling pain management
take a clean and rimpang meet buffoonery of 50 g. grater rimpang until smooth and added sufficient water, then boiled. after boiling water, make cool, and drink. do this is 2 times a day, just 1 cup. when do you need to be added honey or palm sugar water concoction that more nutritious and tasty.
warning: people with kidney menyease should musical note drink essence meets buffoonery can be dangerous because raw.


gynecology and benefits: many contain potassium and nutritious substances filantik that is destroyed the stone and throw urine. in addition, also contains substances tanin, minerals, and resin.
note: do musical note eat too many meniran because it can lead to impotence.

1. maag pain
5 plants meniran (leaf, stem, root) boiled with 2 glasses of water to the half. drinking 3x a day
2. water unleash arts
how do i: 50 g meniran plant (leaf, stem, root) 2 with the boiled water until the water glass half live. this is concoction to drink 3x a day
how ii: the leaves and roots washed clean meniran chewed ago, while a few the liquid swallowed.
3. kidney stones
5 plants meniran (leaf, stem, root), 15 strand duan mustache paint boiled with 2 glasses of water to stay until the water setangah. this is concoction to drink 3x a day
4. gallstone
meniran handful leaf, 1 finger temulawak, handful of hair boiled corn with 1 cup water. after boiling a little palm sugar. drink this is concoction 2x a day
5. malari
pound 5 plants meniran (leaf, stem, root), 1 papaya leaf blade, temulawak 3, 1 finger pule (pulai). then, while press given 1 glass of water. drink this is concoction 1x a day for 2 weeks
6. hapa pain
3 plant (leaf, stem, root) meniran, 1 thumb ginger, 1 ½ tsp coriander, turmeric finger 1. contused ginger, turmeric peeled and sliced thin. then, all ingredients acres boiled with water 3 cup water until half live. this is concoction to drink 2x a day
7. reduce weight loss
5 plants meniran, 15 pieces of teak leaves netherlands, 1 finger pule with 2 glass of boiled water until the water tingggal half. drink this is concoction 2x a day.
8. whelk
7 plant (leaf, stem, root) meniran, 1 thumb temulawak threshed ago boiled with 2 glasses of water to live up to half water. drinking at the same time, every day.
9. dental pain
roots meniran after washed clean, and chewed-chewing on a afternoon tooth.


gynecology and benefits: pineapple contains dekstrose, globulin, sakarosa, organic acids, proteose, globulin and bromelin. although musical note yet found the results of the experiment, but according to mrs. kloppenburg-versteegh, essence fresh pineapple is considered cool, clean blood, and make it easier to pose of large anticacing. fiber is musical note good for people with stomach trouble.
pineapple younger than the wage of urine and feses, also affect the womb. he is was bleeding and can cause to fall topple the womb. because it is musical note recommended for pregnant women or childbirth out.
women in the west, many of abstain from pineapple, for the cause pineapple and musical note good for the womb.
note: people with kidney ease and mengabetes is musical note advisable to eat pineapple.

1. colic due to food polluted, mengarrhea, along with heartburn and rectum in the summer, stomachache each eat out, flatulency postwar eating, reduce weight loss.
the pineapple is ripe peeled, removed" eyes" , or shredded memblender. filter or press. drink water axis soon ½ cup each finished eating.
2. summer fever because stomach
same with no prescription. 1. drunk at the time between meals.
3. fever
same with no prescription. 1. drink 2x a day, each half a glass.
4. influenza
same with no prescription. 1. be drunk several times a day. do musical note refrigerated.
5. furfur
how do i: young pineapple peeled, removed" eyes" , memprut. pulverize 12 blade leaves galing (vitis trifolia l. / kapialun leaves). mix. hush 2 days ago with the filter cloth. use the time to rinse shampoo. repeat until the dandruff is gone.
how ii: ripe pineapple in the as general as. scrub water to the scalp every night before bed. the next the same morning.
6. throat inflammation
same with no prescription. 1. frequently drink throughout the day. one does musical note need to drink at a time, just half a glass only.
7. memfficult axis heartburn food menggested
same with no prescription. 1. little by little drunk
8. pose of water does musical note regularly
recipes such axis the no. 1. drunk 1 tablespoon each finished eating.
9. worms
1 pineapple shredded young. add 2 spoons of sugar syrup or honey stone. drink to children who acres suffering from worms.


gynecology and benefits: the leaves contain more protein youth who feels soothing. in addition, nutmeg oil also contains atsiri, tannic substances, and the starch nutritious substances to increase appetite, produce gas from the stomach, and calms the nerve.

1. vomiting, pain management maag, catch a cold, hiccup
1 tsp nutmeg powder seed with a little water. drink vomiting every time out.
2. stomach heartburn (but musical note mengarrhea)
nutmeg powder few seeds in the bottom of the tongue, leave late saliva.
3. canker
nutmeg resin mixed with a little water. use this is herb for rinse
4. coughing slimy
same with no prescription. 5, but this is herb stem the throat.
5. insomnia
how do i: a little nutmeg seed powder mixed with 1-2 drops of water, and on the brow dab
how ii: ½ nutmeg seed threshed ago with 1 cup water. time will give a little drunk honey / sugar stones. drink this is concoction 2x a day, each 1 cup
6. rheumatism
washing with soap or nutmeg scrub the body of the sick with balsam nutmeg. balsam soap and nutmeg sold in pharmacies and drug stores.
7. hapa pain
few seeds of nutmeg powder, coriander grains 7, piece turmeric, 1 clove with 1 glass of boiled water until the water half-lives. drink this is concoction axis warm-hot
8. hypertension
some shredded fresh nutmeg, and taken to memperas water. do this is 2x a day

petai china

gynecology and benefits: kangkung acres, antitoxin, antiradang, urinating, whoa the bleeding, sedatif (sleeping pills). kangkung also calm and soothing. kangkung contain protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, karoten, hentriakontan, and sitosterol

1. reduce hapa
0.5 kg of fresh leaves kangkung washing, pound fine, let sufficient water. filter, give 1 tablespoon honey. drink up 1x a day at a time.
2. nosebleed
tuft of small leaves kangkung fresh, clean, smooth pound, give a little sugar, pour boiling water into with sexyly water. after a cold, filtered, drink 2x a day.
3. headaches
how do i: pound handful kangkung leaves smooth, give a little salt and water sufficient. filter, give honey. 1x drink a day at a time
how ii: tuft of leaves and stem fresh kangkung boiled, drinking water boiled it.
4. hemorrhoid
small handful root kangkung wash clean, boiled with water up to 3 cup water ½ stay. after a cold, drink a day 2x ½ cup.
5. insomnia
often eat vegetables and kangkung, without a stem.
6. dental pain
kangkung handful root, ½ teaspoon vinegar, boiled with 1 cup water. use water boiled it while 1x day.
7. water unleash arts
kangkung handful roots boiled with 2 glasses of water to the cup to 1. boiled it drinking water a day at a time 1x
8. furfur
kangkung fresh sufficient soaked overnight in water until water color kebiruan. shampoo with water. do this is every shampoo.
9. constipation, nausea, for pregnant women
kangkung eat vegetables with the cooking pan.
10. canker, swollen gums
shock leaves kangkung (without stem) wash clean, pulverize, give 1 glass of water, filtered and press (may give a little salt). use water to rinse.


gynecology and benefits: bananas acres cool. tanin substances acres antiseptic on the banana, while the substance saponin nutritious melute sputum. banana, plantain, especially, contains a useful kaliun throw urine. in addition, also contains vitamins a, b, c, substance sugar, water, and starch.

1. wound
i am know how: take a banana sap children dab ago at the wound that has been cleaned
how ii: take bonggot banana, washing threshed ago. dab this herb in place of the injured.
2. burn injuries
bananas that has been cooked pulverizinged, and be smeared on the burns
3. wart
klutuk mengerokkan banana skin with a beet hard on the skin. several hours later, kulitpun will burn. if it has musical note healed axis well, to repeat 3x
4. bitten insects
banana heart is in shredded banana trunks, memperas ago. take water for about 1 cup. drink this is concoction 2x a day, each ½ cup. then, the waste used to mengompres injured because of insect bites.
5. hemorrhoid
how do i: 3 - 5 banana stone washed clean, then shredded and taken to memperas water. once strained, give a little pulosari and palm sugar. drink this is concoction 2x a day
how ii: drinking liquids outgrowth of banana kepok
6. hepatitis
eating lots of bananas gold
7. childbed prevent fever after giving birth
banana trees shredded and taken to water. once strained, drink 2x a day
8. intestines canker
4 bananas raw stone-fruit and the skin is thin-sliced thin, then threshed. press and filtered. put water in a glass ago dew for 1 night. the next day, so drink up to sleep
9. throat inflammation / tonsillectomy
hump banana kepok shredded and taken to water. use water, to rinse. do this is 3x a day
10. dysentery
how do i: outgrowth of bananas and stone shredded taken to ½ cup of water. this is concoction to drink 3x
how ii: 2 banana flower kepok after washed clean, then chewed and swallowed water.
11. mengarrhea
how do i: 2 banana flower kepok burned to black, then take part in it and eat.
how ii: 1 glass of wine to drink liquids from tuber banana kepok
how iii: 3 stone cooking banana, 3 banana threshed raw stone, and was taken to memperas water. drink this is concoction 3x a day, each 1 glass of wine
note: i am iii should musical note be used when sewage-green mucus.
12. nosebleed
how do i: root or stem of bananas kepok threshed fine, and with ½ cup sexy water. once strained, 1x drink a day, at a time.
how ii: sip liquid outgrowth of the banana kepok
13. constipation
eat bananas and banana ambon mould gold. do several times a day
14. canker
2 ripe bananas stone, 2 bananas raw stones that has been peeled skin, threshed until smooth. then, give it 2 tablespoon honey. drink this is concoction 2x a day
15. anaemia
son of a new banana kepok span 1 washed clean shredded ago. give 1 tablespoon salt, and press. drink this is concoction 2x a day, each 3 tbs.
16. ulcer pain
1 banana skin with raw stones, 1 fruit mengkudu threshed until smooth, then mixed with 3 ripe bananas stone. overall this is press with a little water. after the filtered water for 2 weeks at a time.
17. kidney inflammation
drinking fluid stem from banana mixed with a little sugar stone. drink this is concoction 3x a day.
18. fertile hair:
how do i: fluid from the tuber to be smeared banana skin heads.
how ii: threshed banana and tuber press to memabil water. mix water with oil urang aring sufficient. llau, dew 1 night. wet scalp with this herb massage while your is head. after several hours, shampoo tambut you.
19. subtilize palmar
scrub banana skin gold ketangan you.


gynecology amp; benefits: oil atsiri the sereh on nutritious antiradang and eliminate pain. sereh made to expedite oil useful blood circulation.
1. essence pain
sereh oil (may be purchased at the drug store) memborehkan on the painful joints.
2. menylocate
2 stem sereh, 3 pecan threshed while given little water. then, heat ingredients above the fire. after the sexy ingredients, dab to the wrench.
3. gumboil, dental health
40 g sereh fresh boiled with 2 glasses of water to live up to half water. use this is herb for rinse.
4. cough:
50 g sereh dry with 2 glass of boiled water until the water half-lives. minumramuan this is 3x a day.
5. maag pain, expedite hapa
no to the same recipe. 3. drink this is concoction 2x a day, after meals.


gynecology amp; benefits: the general we are know that is there acres 2 kinds, ie, black tea and green tea. in general, both leaf tea contains substances teina (a kind of alkaloid, such axis caffeine) and tanin. but the green tea, epigallocatechin-substance in error tanin nutritious prevent cancer. gynecology teina tea on nutritious refreshing body and mind,

smooth circulation of blood - drive the heart so that is work to prevent heart menyease and stroke - improving the menggestion of food and able to burn fat. in addition, the actual vitamin c paa fresh tea leaves acres high even higher than the orange tomatoes and so well to prevent the influenza. gynecology flavonoid fluoride and useful to strengthen the teeth.
1. mengarrhea
make a thick tea and drink while warm.
2. colds
make a thick tea distillation ago give a little lemon and a little sugar stones. drink this is concoction 3x a day, each 1 cup. for children, just ½ cup.
3. water unleash arts
drinking green tea 2x a day, each 1 cup
4. prevent cancer
drinking green tea 2x a day, each 1-cup-maing
5. prevent plaque and strengthen teeth
tea 1cangkir, 1x a day
6. hypertension
tea 2x a day, each 1 cup
7. cholesterol lowering
drinking green tea 2x a day, each 1 cup
8. headaches, migraine
tea 2x a day, each 1 cup
9. preventing heart menyeases
tea 2x a day, each 1 cup
10. fertile hair
tea is a topical (musical note the sweet tea) memborehkan to scalp hush ago for 1 hour. after that, the shampoo.
11. caring faces
tea is sudha casserole (musical note the sweet tea) membasuhkan to face, hush few minutes, then rinse with clean water.


gynecology amp; benefits: trunk spades plants contain substances that is acres musilago stucco wall channel indigestion, ureter, and the throat. substance emolient its useful axis antiseptic (exterminator bacteria). in addition, also contains protein and substance tanin.
1. cough
11 spades young leaf blade sliced, boiled with 2 glasses of water to live up to half water. when will be drunk, give a little sugar stone. drink this is concoction 2x a day.
2. water unleash arts
spades is kneaded leaf-ago crumple up give a little fennel and pulosari. balur this is herb in the bottom of the abdomen.
3. fertile hair
some pieces of leaf meremas-waru crumple up, and taken to memperas water. dew water, and dab to the scalp and hush for 5 - 10 minutes. after that, rinse your is hair.
4. fever
how do i: 200 g spades leaf, root, 3 runner liman boiled with 2 glasses of water to live up to half water. this is herb drink a little beet.
how ii: skin spades roots boiled with 1 cup water. this is herb drink little by little.

blimbing wuluh
1) gums bleed
consume the fruit star fruit wuluh both fresh and the sweets regularly every day
2) blotch
prepare 3 star fruit wuluh fresh fruit. wash and clean. furthermore, given the fruit and shredded sedikt salt. paste this is concoction on a pimpled skin. 2 times a day do

3) high blood
3 prepare the fruit and star fruit wuluh seed srigading 25 g has been washed clean. seed srigading threshed fine. enter into a pot containing 4 cup water and boil with star fruit wuluh. make cool ago filtered before drinking. this is herb is quite drunk a glass a day.


1) antiseptic on ulceration, scabies, or wound
the pain that is can be cleaned with water stew stem. in addition, leaves brotowali the threshed fine can be replaced on the wound and 2 times a day for cure it.

2) scabies on children
it is recommended children with the bath water stew brotowali. how stem brotowali take about 1 m. rajang or small pieces, then boiled with water up to 4 l boil. enter the water to stew in a bucket or large basin and add cold water. bath children while soaking in the water body brotowali this.
3) fever
take 2 fingers stem brotowali. boiled with 2 glasses of water to live up to 1 cup. add a little honey. drink half a glass of water stew this is 2 times a day.
4) adder appetite
prepare brotowali 3 leaf blade, stem 30 g, and 2000 cc of water. at first leaf and stem cleaned, then boiled with water. drink water boiled it 1 glass per day.
5) other menyeases
water stew brotowali also stem from the trust can cure rheumatism, bruise, yellow fever, and axis a mengabetes drug.

jabe java

1) strong medicine or clearing uterus after birth
prepare the root of 3 g dry chili java. pound until smooth. pour boiling water into with sexyly water and make cool. drunk 1 times a day.

2) coughing, menggestive upset, bronchitis, epilepsy, fever after childbirth, strengthen the lung, heart and lambung.
6 dried red pepper bred fruit that is is still raw. pound fine. add a little water and drink mixed with honey.
3) liver suffering cathartic.
rimpang lempuyang threshed and memperas water. this is herb is more nutritious when mixed with a maximum of 3 pieces chili java.
4) health amp; fitness
fruit and dried powder can be menyumbatkan to the perforated teeth or pain.
5) other merit
fruit dried chili and it is used axis powder, when mixed with water and drunk, it can be to treat heart menyease ulu, vomiting, mengarrhea, dysentery, slimy nose, and headache.


1) rheumatism
prepare 1 or 2 pieces rimpang ginger. heat rimpang above a fire or coals and then threshed. ginger paste impact on the body of the sick rheumatism.

2) because chafed wound, stabbed thing sharp, acres thorns, due, snakebite.
rimpang ginger red threshed and added a little salt, put on the injured body part.
3) nerve front the pain management
branches consist of a mixture of potato, wheat flour, and ginger.
how, shredded potatoes, wheat flour and add the ginger powder. add a little sexy water. paste in the face of the sick. make it to recover.
4) other merit
ginger is used axis cooking ingredients nutritious also able to increase appetite, strengthen the stomach, and improve menggestion. this is is possible because angsangnya mucous stomach and large intestine that is was issued by the oil rimpang ginger.


1) mengarrhea
fresh guava leaves as heavy as 30 g, plus handful of rice flour and water 1 - 2 cup boiled. this is liquid drink 2 times a day. 3 sheet can also guava leaves young fresh chewed with a little salt ago swallowed. do 2 times a day.

2) canker
boil 1 handful fresh guava leaves plus 1 finger skin stem with 1 l water. filter stew and drinking water is 2 times a day.
3) pain or bleeding ulcer in the vicinity of menylocated
pulverize fresh guava leaves. paste this is lumatan leaves in place of the sick. do several times a day.
4) mengabetes
take 1 guava fruit that is is still mengkal and cut. then boiled with 3 glasses of water to live up to 1 cup. filtered before drinking 2 times a day.
5) pile
take a few pieces of stone young cashew leaves or the tip of a leaf, plus a banana stone. both materials to be washed clean. banana stone peeled unnecessary. pound both. the distillation water ago accommodated drink. make every day a regular base. although the pain is still missing drinking water that is is actually recovered.
6) puffed up on children
3 quotation sheet guava leaves acres still young and fresh. boiled with 2 cups water with ½ finger skin stem pulosari and 5 grains fennel. to be boiling water 1 cup live alone. before drinking water should be filtered. children aged 3 years and can be fluid a day is 3 times axis much axis 2 tablespoon, older children who were given a day 1 cup.


gynecology and benefits: avocado is smooth and urine antibakteri.

1. kidney stones
7 strand fresh avocado leaves, pour boiling water into with ½ cup sexy water. 2x drink every day, morning and afternoon, until the stone out.
2. subtilize skin
pulverizinged avocado fruit, balur on the face and hands that has been cleaned with warm water for about 30 minutes.
3. dry skin
avocado pulverizinged until a smooth, evenly balur on the face. after a dry wash your is face with warm water. then, dab face on the rocks.
4. lumbago
5 leaf blade avocado with 2 glasses of water to 1 cup water to live. once appointed, dew water that is night. tomorrow morning the new drink. do this is for a week. respectively.
5. nodosity
1 - 2 avocado fruit pulverizinged, give a little water until pasty. boreh on the body of the sick.
6. hypertension
3 - 5 avocado leaf blade wash clean, pour boiling water into with 1 cup sexy water. 1x drink a day at a time when the cold already.
7. canker
poke a ripe avocado with 2 tablespoon pure honey. eat 3x a day.

in the life of health care is expensive, when do we fell ill of a menyease is musical note treated quickly with the right will be able to menyrupt the activities of daily life including economic family. due to the economic crisis that is occurred during this also affects the increase in the price of medicines. therefore there is no one when do we try to use the health of handling materials naturally without eunuch effects and also in ms of cost more economicaler. we are can take memfferent types of plants for the handling of our is health. therefore the information and insights about the traditional treatment is necessary to be able to take advantage of plants that often we are see around us. it may be the ingredient that is can help alleviate the suffering of sebebelum someone obtain the appropriate health services. i am hope that is this is information can provide the maximum benefit for all of us in maintaining health.


gynecology and benefits: jamblang contain acid that is is capable of error shrink ureter. besides, the womb glukosida phytomelin accelerate wound healing. tanin substances on seed jamblang beneficial to lower cholesterol.
note: do musical note eat too much fruit because it will be memfficult jamblang menypose of urine.

1. mengabetes
15 seed jamblang threshed fine, and boiled with 2 glasses of water. this is concoction to drink 3x a day.
2. ngompol
7 seed jamblang threshed soft ago boiled with 1 ½ cup water and a little palm sugar. boil continue to live up to half. drink this is concoction in the afternoon to recover ngompol.
3. because mengarrhea catch a cold
6 cm bark jamblang already dried boiled with 1 cup water for ½ hour. once strained, drunk 3x a day


gynecology and benefits: spinach, especially red spinach, famous iron that is contain high nutritious add blood. in addition, spinach also contains vitamins a, b, c, and k, potassium and phosphorus.

1. anaemia, dysentery, ambien, fever, swing asi, thin phlegm, strengthen the liver
eat spinach boiled red.
2. bitten insects
some pieces threshed spinach leaves, and to be part of nettled.
3. hit feather caterpillar
some stem threshed spinach, memperas ago. drinking water, 3x a day.

dadap serep

gynecology and benefits: the leaves dadap serep alkaloid contain substances that is acres cool and antiradang. thin skin of wood nutritious sputum.

1. fever
skin and young branches dadap serep kneaded, fennel and a little pulosari menyeduh with 1 cup water. drink this is concoction 2x a day.

2. childbed fever
some of the young leaf blade dadap serep threshed, and boreh to stomach. do this is 2x a day.
3. nodosity
some of the leaf blade dadap serep threshed, and boreh to the swelling. do axis often axis possible.
4. asi swing
some of the leaf blade dadap serep kneaded. then menyeduh with 1 cup water. drink this is concoction 1x a day
5. headaches
some of the leaf blade dadap serep kneaded, and memborehkan to the forehead
6. prevent miscarriage
some of the leaf blade dadap serep threshed, and thick-diboreh thick on the stomach. replace this is herb 3x a day.
7. stomach heartburn
how do i: leaf dadap serep shrivelinged on fire, put on the stomach.
how ii: some of the leaf blade dadap serep, some pieces of duck bill leaves threshed while given little water. then, this is herb boreh to stomach.


gynecology and benefits: kangkung acres, antiracun, antiradang, peluruh urinating, whoa the bleeding, sedatif (sleeping pills). kangkung besifat also calm and soothing. kangkung contain protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, karoten, hentriakontan, and sitosterol

1. reduce hapa
0.5 kg of fresh leaves kangkung washing, pound fine, let sufficient water. filter, give 1 tablespoon honey. drink up 1x a day at a time.
2. nosebleed
tuft of small leaves kangkung fresh, clean, smooth pound, give a little sugar, pour boiling water into with sexyly water. after a cold, filtered, drink 2x a day.
3. headaches
how do i: pound handful kangkung leaves smooth, give a little salt and water sufficient. filter, give honey. 1x drink a day at a time
how ii: tuft of leaves and stem fresh kangkung boiled, drinking water boiled it.
4. hemorrhoid
small handful root kangkung wash clean, boiled with water up to 3 cup water ½ stay. after a cold, drink a day 2x ½ cup.
5. insomnia
often eat vegetables and kangkung, without a stem.
6. dental pain
kangkung handful root, ½ teaspoon vinegar, boiled with 1 cup water. use water boiled it while 1x day.
7. water unleash arts
kangkung handful roots boiled with 2 glasses of water to the cup to 1. boiled it drinking water a day at a time 1x
8. furfur
kangkung fresh sufficient soaked overnight in water until water color kebiruan. shampoo with water. do this is every shampoo.
9. constipation, nausea, for pregnant women
kangkung eat vegetables with the cooking pan.
10. canker, swollen gums
shock leaves kangkung (without stem) wash clean, pulverize, give 1 glass of water, filtered and press (may give a little salt). use water to rinse.


gynecology and benefits: sap containing white resin and rubber, which is capable mengontraksi skin without pain. this is plant also contain fuvoplumierin that is prevent the growth of bacteria. lower interest rates nutritious sexy, whoa the cough, cause to fall in urine. stem smooth defecate.
skin stem cambodia plumerid containing compound that is is toxic and can be used to heal a broken heel-broken.
note: do musical note until cambodia tree sap into the mouth or eyes because it can be merontok blind eye and a tooth.
1. nodosity
piece bark cambodia threshed fine, boiled with water up to 6 glasses boil. warm-hot soak swelling of the body.
2. ulcer
dab cambodia sap on the boil is washed with warm water
3. wart
dab 1 teaspoon cambodia tree sap on the skin several times over several days until the wart missing
5. remove thorn / porcelain
dab sap cambodia on the sick, the things that is will go out.
6. heel broken in pieces
cambodia boiled leather piece with 3 liters of water until boiling. hot-foot warm soak sick.


gynecology and benefits: the seeds contain ricine menytance that is toxic the poison degree but will be reduced when heated. menytance seed should only be used axis a medicine outside. root can be used axis a sedative and rheumatism.
1. constipation
8 - 10 seeds threshed menytance, and given little water and press. drinking water distillation this.
2. constipation in children
olesi some menytance with the leaves of coconut oil. after shrivelinged on the fire, place the leaves to your is child's stomach.
3. furfur
pound smooth sheet leaves some menytance, and dab to the scalp. do this is before shampoo
4. rheumatism
how do i: handful leaves threshed menytance while given little water. then dab to place the sick.
how ii: 25 g of fresh root of the menytance boiled water with 1 l water to live up to half. drink this is concoction 2x a day
how iii: some of the leaf blade menytance be oiled coconut oil, and shrivelinged on fire. paste the leaves this is place to the sick
5. fertile hair
20 - 30 seed threshed menytance, and then taken to memperas oil. dab oil to the scalp.
6. tauten breast
3 blade leaves a short menytance, 2 betel nuts, 1 thumb ginger, 1 tsp salt threshed while half were given a glass of water. balur this is herb to your is breast and hush up to dry. then, wash with warm water breast.
7. gumboil
5 pieces of leaf menytance, spoon 1 whiting boiled with 4 glasses of water. once strained, use water to rinse.
8. dental pain
drip sap menytance on a perforated teeth.

wood white

gynecology and benefits: atsiri leaves contain oil, sineol, melaleucin and fruits contain substances tanin. acres mengaforetik, severe pain, kill germs, thin phlegm, and antikejang.

note: if you want to use for the medicine in, you should look for oil and white of the original wood. because many brands in the market of oil and white wood that is has been mixed, mixed with a variety of coloring and other chemicals.

1. flatulency
1 tsp white wood oil, ½ cup water cave stones, stirred average. while drinking
2. skin wrinkles on stomach (for women after childbirth)
20 drops white wood oil, 1 tsp whiting, and 1 teaspoon lime juice, stirred average. dab the stomach for a few hours every sunday.
3. cough
oil 1 tsp white wood, grater ¼ nutmeg seed, water distillation ½ lemon, a mixed one. scrub on the back and chest patients. do this is 2x a day, for 3 days.
4. fever / prevent stuip (the children)
distillation 2 - 3 lime juice, 3 tablespoon coconut oil, 3 drops of the oil timber and white, and red onion 3 cloves of threshed is fine, so one is mixed. dab ingredients to the whole body of people, especially the wrists, feet, stomach, and axilla. blanket body to sweat out.
5. influenza
2 tsp white wood oil, 2 tsp oil gandapura, 3 tsp coconut oil, 3 spoons lime juice, mixed so one. scrub this herb in the neck, chest, and back 2x a day.
6. strain (the baby)
scrub oil timber in the nose and white on the belly of the children concerned. make 1x a day axis needed.
7. catch a cold
10 drops of oil and white wood, menyeduh with ½ cup sexy water, give 1 tablespoon honey, warm-½ cup warm water 1 - x 2 a day.


gynecology and benefits: bacillus leaves has power tranquilizer and remove gases from the body. leaves acres often used to flavor meat or fish menyhes.
bacillus contain substances atsiri oil, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sulphur, and others.
1. blotch
handful bacillus wash, pound fine. give a little water whiting. scrub this herb on the skin that is berpanu. do this is 2x a day.
2. vomiting and mengarrhea
bacillus sufficient eaten axis lalapan.
3. canker
50 sheets washed clean bacillus leaves, chewing up fine for 2 - 3 minutes. swallow. drink sexy water. do this is 3x a day.
4. breath odor, smell mouth
often eat lalapan bacillus, turmeric leaf, and leaves beluntas.
5. smell sweat
bacillus sufficient eaten axis lalapan menner for 1 sunday.


gynecology and benefits: all the plants, hibiscus lemdir or substance containing mucin and interest rates provide nutritious cool feeling on the throat and respiratory cavity so many more out.
1. cough accompanied stive
3 hibiscus flowers, washed clean, and crumple ups. pour boiling water into with a glass of water. leave overnight in a closed place. filter. 1x drink a day, ½ cup with 1 tablespoon honey.
2. bronchitis
i am know how: wash, pulverize, and boiled 3 hibiscus flower bud for 15 minutes. filter. drinking water.
how ii: 3 hibiscus flower bud washed, pulverizinged, give 1 glass of water and a little salt. press and filtered. drink 2x a day, 2 tablespoon
3. mumps
hibiscus roots washed, pulverizinged. + boiled for 30 minutes. use to mengompres mumps.
4. headaches
handful hibiscus leaves washed, boiled for 30 minutes. use water to mengompres head pain.
5. canker
handful hibiscus leaves washed clean, boiled with 2 glasses of water for 15 minutes. filter. drinking water
6. hapa menyorders
3 hibiscus flower bud washed, pulverizinged. give 1 cup water and a little vinegar. press. drinking 2 - 3x a day, each ½ cup
7. prevent snow
10 - 15 sheets hibiscus leaves, washed, crumple ups out until the mucus. wet scalp and hair with the mucus. hush dry up, new washed. do this is 2x a week.


gynecology and benefits: tuber potato starch containing substances (amilosa, amilopektin), protein, fat, calcium, fosfar, iron, sulphur, vitamin a, b, c.
1. burn injuries
1 fruit potatoes, washed, peeled, grated. crumple up grated potatoes with 2 tablespoon of coconut oil. boreh in the burn, and dressing with clean cloth.
2. oily face
2 potatoes peeled fruit, grated. dab grated potatoes in the face to the apartment, leave for ½ hour. clean with cold water
3. head of children in blain
a potato wash clean, scar. boreh grated potatoes on the boil, let it dry up and deliver your own. do this is until the ulcer visible decline. ulcer will be lost without leaving stains
4. whelk
a thin-sliced potatoes thin, paste to the entire face. let until potatoes acres dry and color rooan
5. mengabetes
rice that is us eat every day is replaced with boiled potatoes, because the oxygen in the sugar a little more than potatoes with rice.
6. anaemia
for children less blood should be given more often various cooking potatoes.


gynecology and benefits: in addition to protein, acid solution containing coffee chiorogen, the chlor, which stimulates acid secretion in the stomach chlorida. also womb caffeine, which can stimulate blood circulation. however, in the concentration of the sensitive, pure caffeine can be toxic.
1. subtilize palmar
1 tablespoon coffee powder, acres given a little sexy water. scrub on a hand. do this is every day.
2. dysentery
10 g pure coffee powder menyeduh with ½ cup water. give water distillation 1 papaya leaf stalk. drink every morning and afternoon of 1 cup
3. tempe poisoned bongkrek
1 tablespoon pure coffee powder menyeduh deengan ½ cup sexy water. warm-hot day drinking 1x ½ cup
4. migraine
2 teaspoon pure coffee powder, menyeduh with 1 cup boiling water. give 1 tablespoon honey. stir until late. 1 drink - 1 cup 2x a day.
5. insomnia
handful coffee young leaves washed, and boiled with 2 glasses of water. boiled it drinking water.
6. smell mouth because petai / jengkol
chewing a little coffee powder for a few minutes. after that is drinking cold water and white
7. body recovery after childbirth
2 tablespoon coffee powder that is has been menyeduh, mixed with ½ cup of water mixed with 2 yellow chicken, 2 tablespoon sugar. drinking at the same time. repeat this is for a few days


gynecology and benefits: contains calcium, iron, and vitamin c. flask of water ice acres famous, so very well be eaten by people with fever
1. fever, typhus
how do i: pumpkin shredded water, then taken to memperas water. drinking water concoction this is 3x a day, each of ½ cup
how ii: eating fruit squash stew
2. influenza
4 finger pumpkin, 1 / 3 hold threshed spinach, while half were given a glass of water. press and filtered, and give a little lemon. drink this is concoction 2x a day, each 3 tbs
3. canker
same with the prescription no. 1. gulped water do musical note merectly, but used to rinses first.


gynecology and benefits: fruit squash a soothing that is contain fat and gum substances such axis substance-protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron
1. bleeding gums
½ fruit squash, washed and shredded. give 2 tablespoon water and 1 tablespoon honey. press, filtered. drinking 3x a day axis needed
2. canker
eating fruit squash axis a eunuch menyh or can be eaten raw axis lalapan
3. black lines in heel
sap squash be smeared on the heels of bergarishitam. leave it up to dry. after that is open slowly.