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Having children is a dream that every married couple. If a couple plan to have children, it is important for both parties, the husband and wife, to maintain body weight. Some of the research concluded that women are too fat or too lean more frequent fertilization failure compared with women with the body's balance. In addition to the body weight, the balance of hormonal factors and the food is also very much determine the level of fertility reproductive system.

On women, symptoms of hormonal disturbances system generally marked by painful menstruation and menstruation does not
regularly. Feed limit calorie dense foods, especially carbohydrates and fat is the first step to get the business of children. Instead, it is important to enrich the diversity of food, especially the nutrient-rich fertilizer reproductive system, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B12, folat acid, betakaroten, iron, zinc, and selenium. As women, who need enough Feed folat acid fertilizer and other nutrients, such men are to support the system reproduction.

Eating patterns like those of a vegetable is actually a vegetable and fruit therapy to improve fertility. If we careful, real vegetables and fruits that can improve fertility often we meet, we often may even consumption. Some vegetables and fruits that can help increase the fertility we will study below.


Pegagan also known as antanan, honeysuckle is often eaten as fresh lalapan, especially in West Java. Bogor pickle is typical regional food antanan entered as one of the vegetables in eat foods already mixed pickle. Vegetables provide a sense of this sweet and mild.

In pegagan are asiaticoside, thankuniside, isothankuniside, madecassoside, brahmoside, brahminoside, brahmic acid, madasiatic acid, Meso-inositol, centellose, carotenoids, salt-salt minerals such as potassium salt, natrium, pegagan
magnesium, calcium, iron, vellarine, and substance samak or tanin. Madecocassosida can stimulate collagen production. Collagen is very large role in skin cell regeneration, including egg cells (ovum) in the women and men in sperm cells. Pegagan also contain karoten the role of antioxidants. Karoten also maintain the quality of sperm and egg cells. How to protect the walls with sperm and egg cells from free radical damage. Minerals such as potassium, natrium, calcium, iron and phosphorus in pegagan also important for the health body.

Pegagan property of others is anti-infection, antitoksik, reduction warm, emetic urine, treat wounds and keloid, varises and hemoroid (pile), and antilepra.


Carrot carrot contain fresh water, protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber, ash, anti-cancer nutrients, natural sugar (fruktosa, sukrosa, dektrosa, laktosa, and maltosa), pectin, glutanion, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, natrium , amgnesium, chromium), vitamins (beta karoten, B1, and C) and asparagine. Beta Karotennya is anti oksidan maintain the health and hindered the aging process. In addition, Beta Karoten and can prevent the growth of cancer cells and protect the saturated fatty acid does not duplicate the process of oxidation.

If the body requires vitamin A and beta karoten at heart will be converted into vitamin A. Function of vitamin A can prevent blindness dusk, accelerate wound healing and shorten the duration measles. Sebuha size carrot contains about 15,000 IU beta karoten. Based on the research note that with the steamed carrot consume will increase the absorption of beta karoten.

Carrot leaves contain porphyrins. This substance can stimulate pituary gland and sex hormones increase. Fruit contains bisabolene, tiglic acid and geraniol. Wild carrot seeds contain flavonoid, including oil vapor asarone, carotol, pinene, and limonene.

Cashew Seed Red
Almost all the lurid likopen rich. Although the colors appear colored fruit on the outside of the local red guava, but the fruit is red meat. Like tomatoes, guava pulp that red is also rich in likopen. Likopen in guava local red soil of antioxidants and male reproductive system. Therefore, the consumption of red guava juice regularly can also improve fertility in men. jambu klutuk red


Basil also known as the vegetables that can be eaten fresh. Plant this refreshing smell of the body and mouth odor. This fragrant plant of the arginine strengthen the resistance of living sperm, prevent sterility, and lower blood sugar. Resistance live sperm important to support the process of fertilization of eggs cells. While the actual role boron stimulate estrogen and androgen hormones and prevent osteoporosis bone. Both hormones this big role in female reproductive system.

Plants also contain oil atsiri, askorbat acid, acid kafeat, iskulin, histidin, magnesium, betakaroten, and betasitosterol. All life nutritious body is required to maintain health.

To increase the vitality, it is recommended to consume basil leaves as a friend to eat day-to-day. For the Sundanese people in West Java, basil is the "mandatory" good eaten raw as fresh or as a condiment fresh fish. Refresment basil in a long time is the best way to obtain maximum benefits for men and women.


Vegetables celery complement various cuisines in this nutritious tonic, stimulate enzyme digestion, lower blood pressure, stop the bleeding, urine emetic, emetic period, emetic wind, reduce acid fiber, cleaning the blood. Role in the reproductive system because celery able to improve the disturbed hormonal function, such as menstrual pain, bleeding does not regularly, or bleeding too much.

Celery leaf oil-rich compound atsiri, calcium, iron and magnesium. Leaves the plant is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C.
Every 100 grams of fresh celery leaves are 130IU vitamin A and 15 mg vitamin C. Vitamin A and vitamin C is known as a strong enough antioxidants. The attack against free radical wall sperm and egg cells can both blocked by this vitamin.

Leaves Katuk

Not only as pelancar ASI also leaves katuk rich compound that can to the limits quality and number of sperm, including a sexual vitality. Katuk leaves filled compound fitokimia nutritious medicine. Contains at least seven active compound that can stimulating synthesis hotmon-steroid hormones (such as progesterone, astradiol, terstosteron, glukokortikoid) and compound eikosanoid (among prostaglandin, prostasiklin, tromboksan, lipoksin, leukotrien).

If a woman is consumed, active compound in the leaves katuk hormone will stimulate the formation of femininity, so the skin becomes smoother. Hair soft and more healthy. Instead, the body of men active compound leaves will katuk might stimulate the formation of hormones, which will menggenjot sexual vitality. Moreover, production of sperm go along with the rapid increase in quality. Leaves katuk praised able to restore the vitality and male fertility weak


If we eat watermelon piece (1 / 8 part), means we have consumption 15-20 mg likopen. Together with vitamin C in fruits and betakaroten watermelon, can likopen against various types of cancer. In a research is reported that the consumption likopen enough on the men can help lower the risk of cancer prostat.

India had made in the research of the 30 pairs is not fertile, especially on the men's pair are aged 23-45 years. They have a problem with the sperm, which is the limited amount of sperm, sperm structure is not normal, and movemnet slow. Twice a day, they were given food rich likopen who each donated 20 mg likopen (equivalent to 1 / 2 part melon) for 3 months continuously. The result, after a 3 months therapy, the average number of sperm they increased 67%, an improvement of the structure of sperm of 63%, and the hustle sperm jumped 73%. Surprising that, among the 6 men who was not fertile make pregnant success was his wife. So, do not have one if you want to get our offspring reproduce watermelon consumption.

Watermelon also save the compound of passion, namely sitrulin. power of compound known this is equivalent to viagra. Groups of amino acid compound can trigger nitrit oxide production, which play a role in increasing men's sexual ability. Sitrulin also easily absorbed in the body and blood flow.

Hmmm ... is not difficult to find materials that can improve fertility couple's family. Rather than take the medicines that are not clear-origin suggestion, we better start consume vegetables and fruits on a routine basis.