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Who do not know tomatoes? The fruit of the apple nickname love - love apple - because they can excite love this very well indeed be treated as a juice because it's unique and fresh. Italy is also fond of the nation using tomatoes as the sauce is never absent in many serve, call it pizza, spaghetti, tomato soup and pasta dishes italy, which is always present as tomatoes sauce. In a world beauty, tomatoes, also known as the creator of the face mask has been a reliable and caring put to a test in the face with a large pore-pore and oily.

MOST LIKOPEN meritorious

Enjoy tomatoes, other than good, that is also very healthful. What if the suspected plant with Latin name Solanum lycopersicum initially suspected this is because the toxic power of extraordinary growth, but the compound appeared to have the womb karotenoid antioxidants with the highest power, namely LIKOPEN. Such as vegetables and fruits in the yellow and red tomato has karotenoid compound that has the nature that is capable of antioxidants against free radicals due to pollution and UV radiation rays. The special is that almost Likopen only found in this fruit. Likopen covers about 50% compound karotenoid found in a tomato.

In the body, many Likopen found in testis, and suprarenal gland Prostate. Although the meaning Likopen presence in parts of the body is not known, but suspected that if the amount in the body is reduced, then Likopen can be the root of the incidence of pathological problems, such as tumor. In addition, have learned the reciprocal relationship between the degree reverse Likopen body tumor in the region with prostat, stomach and pancreas, therefore, suggested the test content in the blood Likopen to identify the tumor, where the tumor patients, this level is very low.

Number of Likopen in plasma and skin also can be compared with the amount of beta-karoten. If the skin is in the condition of stress due to UV-ray radiation, the number of Likopen who lost more than the number of beta-karoten. This concluded that the substance Likopen work as antioxidants, and work more powerful than beta-karoten.

Not only Likopen, tomatoes are rich in nutrition, other important nutrients. One glass of tomato juice can contain 20 calories of energy, 1 g protein, 0.3 g fat, 4.2 g carbohydrate, 8 mg calcium, phosphorus 29 mg, 0.59 mg iron; natrium 10 mg, 254 mg potassium, vitamin A 1394 IU; Biotin 2 mg; acid folat 11.5 mcg; 21.6 mg vitamin C and magnesium 14 mg.

Tomato Rich BENEFITS

In early November 1934, Dr. Bennet, the United States is the first fruit that can treat diarrhea, attacks bile, digestive disturbances, can prevent cholera, and restore liver function. This statement by Dr. Yumi Tohuoka (1953) reports in The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine, tomatoes that are effective in clinical liver balance disturbances.

Thanks to the womb Likopen, tomatoes into pieces that will benefit the rich. Tomato particularly efficient for Prostate cancer. A study conducted at Harvard University on 48,000 men, is the conclusion that those who eat tomato products processed from as many as 10 times a week, have affected the risk Prostate cancer 35% lower than men who ate tomatoes less than 1 ½ week. Besides Prostate cancer, tomatoes are also able to decrease the risk of heart attack, and also breast cancer and pancreas. Likopen in tomato also able to reduce the risk of occurrence of The speck The speck-skin because of age (macular degeneration). As the wall of high antioxidants, Likopen very effective against free radicals, so that the physical health remains awake and also create a permanent ageless.

Gynecology acid and p-kumarat acid in the tomatoes klorogenat directly weaken the substance capable of nitrosamine, which is one of substance that may cause cancer in food. Gynecology acid other malat namely acid and citric acid can keep the bile channel, so that they can avoid the occurrence of gallstone. Both types of acid is also able to clean the blood vessel constriction to the penis caused by cumulation of fat and sugar.

Tomato also contains substances tomatin of antiinflamasi so that it can cure inflammation pda whelk, wound, ulcer, hemorrhoids, appendix to the alimentary tract inflammation (bronchitis).

A research conducted by Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland found savor tomato seeds for health. As cited health magazine Prevention, Asim K Dutta-Roy, PhD, the researchers found, liquids or slippery yellow jelly found in the seeds of tomatoes, containing compound or mixture of materials that effective against stroke and heart disease.
Research also get that if the tomato juice without removing seed, about the risk of a blood clotting that can cause a heart attack is reduced to 72%.

HOW Health Cultivate tomatoes

Tomatoes can be enjoyed in a way eaten immediately, or be made with the juice processed into soup and sauce. In the form of fresh, either directly or eaten made juice, tomato benefit high-beta karoten, vitamin C and the mineral potassium. In the form of cooked, Likopen will be easier to exit from the cells and more easily soluble, so it is more advisable if you want to take advantage of the womb Likopen it. We have practical ways to enjoy tomatoes' mature 'without having to fuss manner a soup or sauce is a mainstay recipes from parents. Choose a fresh tomato, red, but not mushy (overcooked), cut into pieces according to taste and place a large glass, sowing sugar or honey sufficient, and a splash with boiling water, cover and leave to cool. To enjoy more, after the cold ice can be added discount. It's really delicious and fresh. Does not believe? Try it!

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