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Lotus (Nymphaea sp) is a water plant which is the demand for ornamental plants lover loop a natural, exotic and decorative garden so that they can make more flamboyant while soothing views. Teratai Seroja or often called the Padma, also called on the European Water Lily similar interest because the interest rates Lily.
In addition to beautiful flowers, the trees are often used as food and medicine. Almost all the plants can

used. In traditional China, lotus leaves can reduce heat trusted, cure headaches and diarrhea. How is 4-5 with a boil the water with a lotus leaf, and water boiled drink.

Dust contain lotus leaf effect homeostatik, namely the ability to restore the condition of the body to normal circumstances, and trusted can stop bleeding in the lungs, nose, and the womb.

Besides leaves, lotus seeds are also useful for heart health, spleen and kidney. Lotus seeds commonly used in making various cakes, drinks or porridge. The seeds also contain lotus effect so astringen useful to treat diarrhea and also so that the effect sedatif useful to overcome insomnia and palpitasi (tap the heart of fast).

The aroma of lotus flowers fragrant much energy is used in treatment interest ('s Bach flower remedies). Aroma lotos increase vitality and has a calm effect. Another source said, stew lotus flower can be used as quieting down bleeding and cure dermatitis suppurate.

In addition to leaves and seeds, lotus root usual processed into pickle, a culinary procedure similar to sauteing but at a higher temperature, chips and Pasta. Lotos nutritious tuber also ease fever, high blood pressure and hemorrhoids.
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