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So far we only know the wine as one of the fruit dessert, or drink as a basic class luxury. But more than that, it seems that behind the sweet wine that has a womb antioxidants naturally high enough work to help protect the skin from free radicals *).

Grapeseed extract or grape seed extract is a bioflavonoid, the natural materials that can strengthen and protect the cells alive. Gynecology grape seed extract on the OPC or Olygomer Procyanidolic Complex 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and 20 times than Vitamin C. Because of the high bioflavonoidnya womb, grape seed extract and effective for antialergi, antipembengkakan, and antioxidants. If consumed through oral (supplement), grape seed extract can strengthen the blood vessel and to help facilitate the circulation of blood. Meanwhile, in the skin, grape seed extract to help maintain skin health through antioksidannya. In Europe, the doctors have started meresepkan wine seed extract to help prevention and recovery of various diseases such as heart trouble, varises, collagen damage and arthritis.

When we grow, the ability in the body against free radical decrease, especially with the lifestyle and eating patterns are not regular, and also that the dirty air and berpolusi, causing our bodies continuously attacked by free radicals almost anywhere we are. Gynecology bioflavonoid extract from grape seeds called proantocyanidin can also help strengthen and protect the cells from Membrane oxidation reactions caused by free radicals.

Oriflame in September 2007 presents a series of GRAPE-based extract natural organic grape seed, obtained from the vineyards planted without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, so that the resulting high quality and purity that is also safe for the environment.

GRAPE series consists of 3 products daily and 1 weekly care products, suitable for normal to combination skin. All formulated with 100% natural extracts that contain organic wine property's pristine nature, are directly on your skin.

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