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Menstruation was bleeding from the womb with mucous discharge womb that occurs periodically and monthly. Every healthy women who are not pregnant and do not get menopause will menstruation on a regular basis each month.
Disruption of normal experience of women around the menstruation including pain and pre-menstruation syndrome (PMS).
A. Pre-Menstruation syndrome (PMS) pre-menstruation syndrome is a collection of symptoms that appear between 1 and 14 days before the menstruation and usually stops when menstruation start. Symptoms may include a complaint that the physiological system of the body and psychological symptoms that cause mental and emotional problems.
STDs are common, especially in the age range of women in pregnancy, between 25 - 45 years old. The percentage of people with STDs higher in women who use the pill and the birth KB. Clarity about the causes of PMS is not yet known exactly, but any relationship with hormonal changes. There was an increase in the hormone estrogen causes sudden imbalance progesterone-hormone estrogen in the body.
Levels of illness and a variety of PMS symptoms can vary in every woman who suffering, the symptoms of mild to disrupt that and worse. The variety of symptoms of PMS can include a combination of the following:
Psychological symptoms: change in behavior includes / personnel like feeling sensitive, easily offended or angry, anxious, restlessness, easy to cry, not comfortable mood, fatigue, depression, irritation, less confident, nervous, confused, difficult concentration, sleep disturbances, desire sexual changes.
Physical symptoms: breast pain and swell, flatulence, nausea and stomach cramps, back pain, joint pain, stiff neck and tense, headache, arising whelk, tap the heart and not regular pulse, shortness of breath, diarrhea or constipation, food craze of the food is usually salty / savory and sweet.
Pre-menstruation syndrome (PMS) is actually only a physical problem, people must learn to mitigate symptoms alone. Here are some tips that can be done to overcome the pre-menstruation syndrome (PMS):
- Make a light sports such as walking, cycling or swimming. Do regularly 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes each time you exercise. This is useful to relax muscles and joints and reduce the liquid hoarding.
- Diet low fat, salt and sugar but high protein and fiber to help reduce the excess estrogen and to reduce swelling breast.
- The consumption of foods rich in anti-compound STDs, such as rough Fiber (fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains); Vitamin B6 (fresh fish, tuna, liver, beans, rice, avocado, banana); Seng (liver, shellfish, salmon, chicken, lobster); Calcium (soybean, tempe, know, havermuts, teri, canned sardine), Magnesium (lalap raw green vegetables, apples, mede peanut, soybean, tempe, seafood).
- Avoid foods and drinks containing caffeine, alcohol and nicotine for 2 weeks before the menstruation.
- Drink fluids to 8 glasses each day
- Sleep well at night. If PMS disrupt sleep tonight try siesta
- Make rileksasi techniques such as in-breathe in, yoga, meditation or be sub merger in hot water.
Natural therapy:
- 200 grams, 150 grams of cucumber leaf green mustard greens, washed clean blended ago, and then drink. (To reduce tension and breast pain associated with PMS)
- 6 grains angco (dates china) + 10 + lotus seed grains 10 grams, 20 grams of ginger ginger, boiled with water up to 500 cc remaining 200 cc, filtered, drunk warm-warm, and angco seed teratainya eaten. (To increase energy, the tired, the flatulence, nausea and stiff / sore muscles).
- Note: Angco and lotus seeds can be purchased at Chinese medicine shops or supermarkets.
B. Sick Menstruation (Dysmenorrheal)
Soreness when menstruation gynecology complaint is the most common and experienced by many women. Pain is not known for certain causes, but hormone imbalance factors and psychological factors can influence. Pain is likely the result of the increased seekers hormone prostaglandin that causes increased contraction uterus, this type of pain menstruation attack many teenagers and adults to take place.
In addition, painful menstruation can also relate to the interference gynecologist as mimosa, endometriosis, pelvic inflammation disease, and the tumor from the pelvis, usually occurs in older women who previously did not experience pain menstruation. To menstruation pain-related interference gynecologist it must be fixed first.
Symptoms of painful menstruation among which are: the pain does not come regularly, and sharp cramps in the bottom of the stomach. Menstruation pain is often followed by a pre-menstruation syndrome (flatulence, breast pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, and irritabilities).
Here are some tips to overcome the pain when menstruation:
- Paste compress hot / warm or hot water bottle on the stomach.
- Massage soft abdomen slowly
- Bedroom sprawl and support the knee pad
- Make a light sports such as calisthenics, walking, cycling or made before and during menstruation to expedite the flow of blood to the muscles around the uterus, so that pain can be reduced or overcame.
Next herbal therapy to overcome painful menstruation:
Recipe 1.
Ingredients: 30 grams ginger buffoonery 25 grams 15 grams 25 grams ginger black tamarind and palm sugar sufficient.
How to use:
The material to be washed clean and cut-cut, boiled with water up to 600 cc remaining 300 cc, filtered drinking water for 2 times a day, every time you drink 150 cc.
Recipes 2.
3 rosebud merah15 gram turmeric leaf dewa25
How to use:
All materials to be washed clean and cut-cut, then boiled with water up to 600 cc remaining 300 cc, filtered, drink 2 times a day, every time you drink 150 cc.
Note: select one of the prescription, in the boiling pot use or enamel pot soil .***

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