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Acid fiber is one of the forms of rheumatism disease that has been known since medieval human 5 BC, caused by high acid content in muscle in blood. A number of famous names such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, and Queen Anne-called suffering a disease. Indeed, this disease does not kill, like cancer, but because it is easy to relapse and that can cause intense pain, the disease is to be calculated with enough suffering.

In fact our bodies produce acid in the body's nerves, as a result of side purin metabolism, and nerves that acid in the blood, will be removed through urin, so in normal conditions, acid can be found in the nerves and blood urin. However, if the amount is excessive, the body of difficulty
manage the disposal system, so that the crystal-crystal fiber acid can accumulate in the joint, and this is a condition known as gouty arthritis, muscle or acid interference. Because of the sharp crystal such as needle-sharp, the cumulation acid crystal-crystal fiber often cause intense pain in the joints.

Acid nerves can be detected through laboratory examination, joint fluid examination, and radiology. Through laboratory examination, acid content in blood and muscle urin will be reviewed. Someone said to suffer if acid fiber laboratory examination showed nerves level acid in the blood above 7 mg / dl for men and 6 mg / dl for women. Meanwhile, in urin if more than 750 - 1000 mg/24 hours with a normal diet, they can be categorized as acid fiber. Joint fluid examination is conducted to see the crystal grain or monosodium urate (MSU crystals) in joint fluid. While radiology examination is used to view the process that occurred in the joints and bones to see the process bouy in lump that caused cumulation acid crystals in the joints and nerves muscle.

Protein Blame Excessive
Spark major muscle is the high acid pattern that is not eating right. Purin as one part of the protein, found in many sources of protein such as meat and offal, so the pattern of eating that is not balanced with the amount of protein is very high in a long period of time can being struck against shape cumulation acid fiber. Excessive alcohol also been used as one of being struck against . Purin other source that should be especially for people with acid fiber is:

1. Kornet such as canned food, sardine, and meat extract
2. Seafood such as shrimp, crabs and oysters
3. Offal such as liver, kidney, spleen, tripe, intestine, brain and tuberculosis
4. Dry beans and their fickle, such as peanut, mung bean, soybean, tempe, tauco, bean sprouts, soy milk and oncom
5. Melinjo and olahannya products, such as cakes and emping melinjo
6. Alcoholic beverages and various beverage fermentation results
7. Cheese, milk and eggs
8. Thick broth
9. Fruits such as durian, avokat, pineapple and coconut
10. Vegetables such as spinach leaves, cassava leaves, leaves cashew nuts, kangkung, asparagus, broccoli and bean.

Knowing the kind of spark acid muscle disease, does not mean you have to avoid food-food is the same one, but the most important is the amount you eat in a pattern, especially if you are the people with acid fiber.

In addition, some disruption of the body not treated properly can become a spark of a cumulation acid fiber, such as high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol and fat content and arteriosklerosis that is not treated properly, can encourage the occurrence of damage to the kidney . If the interference of kidney, the kidney can not filter out substances normal work-out of substances in the blood, including acid fiber.

Improve Living Pattern

The pattern of life at this time is less healthy, which all well in a hurry, we make less or even no reason was busy with sport and there's no time. In fact, the lack of sports body metabolism system makes us more vulnerable than those who diligently trained for sport because they do not work "hard" Feed complement the food into the body to form energy. As a result, the body so much easier to organ disfunction, and we are so easily hurt. Therefore, to reduce the risk of a blood vessel disease acid, are recommended to do the sport regularly, because of muscle acid can cause a lifetime if not treated, acid fiber can also cause various diseases and complications of disease, disability, such as bone, interference vision, osteoporosis, kidney and disruption if the work can also lead to delayed hypertension, heart trouble, diabetes mellitus, and stroke. So everything will be involved, such as vicious circle, because the kidney is working very influenced and will influence the work other organs.

Treatment with Plant Medicine

Indonesia has some of the medicinal plant which can be used to treat acid fiber, among others Sambiloto, sidaguri, salam, mustache cat, meniran, and earrings. General nature farmakologis plant is diuretik (emetic urine) and anti inlflamed, as in any modern medical treatment, nature of synthetic drugs used to treat acid fiber is anti inflamed (to reduce swelling caused cumulation acid crystal fiber) and also diuretik (for disposal to assist the excess acid in the blood vessel so that blood does not continue to accumulate in the body). But you must remember that, if you are a modern treatment, it is not recommended for use in traditional medicine at the same time, because it could be a dose doubled, thus even dangerous. Consult the doctor first if you want to use traditional medicine.

Sambiloto (Adrographis panniculata)

Is the original plant from India. In some areas Sambiloto also known by the name papaitan, ki peurat, bidara, mas wood, lang, pait ki, sampiroto, or ki oray. Sambiloto some flavanoid compound, alkane, keton, aldehid and also some minerals such as calcium, potassium and natrium. It is bitter, but the plant is known as anti inflamed, painful or analgetik remover, and the bidder is also toxic. The plant is used throughout the plant.

Sidaguri (sida rhombifolia)

Known by the name of the guri, siliguri, kahindu, sadagori, otok-otok or bitumu. Gynecology chemical is already known alkaloid, oksalat calcium, tannin, saponin, fenol, amino acid, oil atsiri, phlegmatic substance to ekspektoran, and lubrikan. Root contains alkaloid, steroid and aphredine. Sidaguri has a sweet taste, heat and cool slightly. In treatment, sidaguri used as anti inflamed, emetic urine remover and pain. The plant root is used. sidaguri

Bay (Eugenia polyanta)
known as the Indonesian people as a cooking spice fragrance that can add a unique culinary delights archipelago. Leaves a taste kelat and Astringent. Compound-like compound atsiri oil, tannin and flavonoid found in many leaves. Treatment for the leaves is the most widely used, but the roots, bark and fruit is nutritious as medicine.

Mustache Cat (Orthosiphon aristatus)
Also has long been known as a nutritious diuretik as ureter stone crusher. It's a little bitter sweet, used to grow in many ditch and creek, but it is not a few people who love plant this in the house yard. Potassium salt in the plant are nutritious soluble kidney stones, so many drugs used as a stone crusher. Gynecology sinsetin its nature as antibacteri, and the plant also contain this compound orthosiphonin mustache cat
glikosida. Diuretik nature of this plant is useful to help the body to remove excess acid strand through urin.

Meniran (Phyllanthus niruri)
When this plant is known as the drugs can increase the body's resistance. Meniran also known to clean the liver, as anti inflamed, subsidefever, emetic urine, sputum, emetic period, clarify vision, and increase appetite. Like a cat mustache, diuretiknya nature that is used to treat acid fiber.

Because the root - either why - be a cat, the plant earrings (Acalypha indica) are often also called cat- roots or cat. People known as the Sunda kokosan grass. It is bitter, cool and astringen. This nutritious herb as anti inflamed, antibiotics, emetic urine, mineral oil and stopping bleeding. Generally, people use to deal with the root disease acid fiber. earrings

Some ingredients that can be used to help overcome the interference acid fiber is:

1. Wash clean and boiled Sambiloto 10 grams of dry, dry rimpang temulawak 10 grams, komfrey 5 - 10 grams, fruit and pepper 1 gram with 5 glasses of water to remaining 3 glasses, drink a glass 3 times each day, 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after meals.
2. Wash leaves 10 grams net mustache cat dry or wet 20 grams, 10 grams meniran dry wet or 20 grams, 10 grams of dry ground mustard greens or 20 grams of wet, 15 grams of dried ginger red or 30 grams of wet, and 10 grams of dried cardamom. Bruised ginger red and join with the other ingredients, boiled in one liter of water to the remaining half. Drinking the morning, afternoon and evening, each ¾ cup (150 ml) drink or two times a day each 200 ml.
3. Boil 15 - 30 grams of dried herb or 30 - 60 grams of wet herb sidaguri with 3 cup water until half remaining, drink 3 times a day each ½ cup. If the roots, dose 10 - 15 grams.
4. Boil 10 - 15 sheets bay with fresh or dried 3 cup water until the remaining 1 cup, 2 times a day to drink each ½ cup.
5. Take 5 -7 cut the root of earrings (fresh or dried), boiled with 2 glasses of water to a glass left, after a cold drink at a time. Make 2 -3 times a day.
6. To use gandarusa fresh leaves 40 grams, fresh basil leaves 30 grams, 30 grams kencur fresh, fresh ginger red 30 grams, stiff leaf fresh 30 grams and 40 grams of rice. Submerged rice during the 3 - 4 hours. Wash all ingredients, pound, and mixed with rice that has been ditumbuk. After the mixed material and soft, place in container and herb on the sick sufficient. Make treatment twice a day, morning and afternoon.
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