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Heart disease are also not separated from the nutrient factors Feed consumed. And as the proverb says, it is better to prevent than treat. Following four main key to preventing heart disease.

1. Fat
Strive healthy balance between saturated fat does not double (polyumsaturated fat0 that can reduce the risk of heart disease with saturated fat (fat saturatd) that can increase the risk of heart disease.

2. Fish
Results of research shows that people who consumption fish at least twice a week can reduce the mortality due to heart disease.

3. Whole grain, cereals, nuts, vegetables., Fruit and low fat and contain components that make healthy heart are:
- Gynecology fiber can lower blood cholesterol. High blood cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease.
- Acid folat is in vegetables, fruit, nuts, and whole grain may reduce the rate amino acid homocysteine in the blood. A high homocysteine level in blood is associated with increased risk of heart disease.
- Anti oksidan in fruit and vegetables and whole grain a role to prevent development of the heart.
- Sterol plants found in food plants, can lower the cholesterol level in blood.

4. Salt
Feed restrict salt will help reduce pressure hypertension.

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