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In avocado are a healthy fat, like saturated fatty acid is not a single oleat are strong antioxidants.

This fat helps lower LDL level (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol), which of course is necessary for heart health. In addition, the uterus betakaroten, klorofil, vitamin E and vitamin B complex, also to be protective for the good health. By doing so, the fruit that comes from the Central America and Mexico is capable of pressing the occurrence of the risk of stroke and heart attack.
Consumption avocado evident in the number of lots to provide a positive impact in the cholesterol in the blood. In a study, those who suffer hiperkolesterolemia and avocado strict diet showed decreases in total cholesterol between 17 percent and bad Cholesterol trigliserida also number to 22 percent, and was increasing good cholesterol level (HDL) 11 percent. In addition to high-fat, avocado is also rich folat, potassium, vitamins B, E, K, and fiber.

Symptoms and Sign-Sign of Heart Attacks

Heart attack happens in a sudden, not so rare that people exposed to heart attack can not be fed. In fact, the heart attack have symptoms and signs, but many are unaware or do not even affected by the type of other diseases. Wind sits, known many people who are actually heart attack. Following symptoms and signs of heart attack.

Feeling depressed touches such as heavy load, pain, squeezed in the chest or burned. This feeling can sweep across the chest, left shoulder, left arm, back, neck under the jaw and neck down. Long run, such as gag or felt crowded that last for 20 minutes with cold sweat, feeling weak, pulse and even, sometimes followed by fainting. Heart attacks often occur in the morning.
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