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Heart Disease Risk Factors

Heart disease can be caused by a risk which can not be avoided and risk factor that can be avoided.
Risk factors that can not be avoided

1. Age
Heart disease is generally associated with increasing age. Usually someone who was more easily affected more heart attack compared with a younger age. More than 80% of people died because of heart attack in people over age 60 years.

2. Sex
Estimated there is a difference in risk between men and women at a young age. Women naturally produce the hormone estrogen is exposed to low-risk heart attack than men. This difference is lost when women experience menopause, women's risk of heart disease infected with the same man.

3. Family history
Historical decreased coronary heart disease in families. In addition to factors gen, coronary heart disease also influenced the style of life such as smoking, eating patterns, less stress, and sports. In some cases, genes, this is not the end of the development of heart disease. Results of research on heart disease genes found that the risk factors that change with the pattern with the pattern of life since a young healthy life so that the risk of heart disease can be avoided.

Risk factors that can be avoided

1. The high cholesterol content in blood.
Results of research found that someone who had cholesterol level more than 300mg/dl, have affected trends in coronary heart disease four times higher than that have a cholesterol level below 200 mg / dk.

2. Hypertension
The process of atherosclerosis is easier to occur in people with hypertension. Men who have hypertension atherosclerosis risk higher than women.

3. Diabetes
Diabetes melitus on heart patients can increase mortality up to two times. The influence of this more going on diabetes mellitus of women who more frequently experienced disfunction heart pump or heart failure.

4. Smoking
Exposed to the risk of coronary heart disease or death due to coronary heart was two to five times greater than non-smokers.

5. Diet
High-calorie diet, high fat (saturated fat), cholesterol, sugar and salt increase the risk of the occurrence of coronary heart disease.

6. Obesity
Obesity is often accompanied by an increase in blood cholesterol. Hypertension, diabetes mellitus and obesity have a share in the process of the occurrence of coronary heart disease. Body weight can be controlled through IMT (Index The Body). The formula: IMT with the same body weight (kg) divided the body of high x high body.
If the results obtained are:
- <18.5> 27 means Obesity

Excess body weight can be managed with a reduced calorie 1500 calories a day along with regular sport. Balanced eating pattern is applied to maintain ideal body weight.

7. Physical activities and sports
Yag some results of research conducted in the United States proves that the lack of physical activity and sports enhance the risk of coronary heart disease affected.

8. Stress
These factors influence the occurrence of heart disease Coroner, for example occurred on a busy person.

The way to avoid that is clear of the right things that can cause disease, such as stopping smoking, stress , eat balanced meals low fat and cholesterol, the sport regularly.

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