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tall cholesterol and high blood pressure is human principal murderer. cholesterol that congest can dirty blood vessel, causes plaque, and clog blood stream. will be like when does blood not flow fluent? body organ can ”korsleting” and sudden. when strike vital organ, heart for example and brain, soul can threatened.

many manners to demote cholesterol degree. medicine chemistry counted effective demote cholesterol. the ugly, medicine dependence can causes also body function disturbance. well, try demote cholesterol degree by natural. because, there kok food that can depress cholesterol.

that victuals can demote degree low-density lipoproptein (ldl) alias wicked cholesterol that causess plaque at blood vessel. that victuals even increase high-density lipoprotein (hdl) alias cholesterol both for can be maked use body to cultivate vitamin that dissolve in fat.
to demote degree ldl, you must decrease satisfied fat. satisfied fat usually is found at product meat for example, milk, cream, butter, and cheese. there also sih satisfied fat that comes from coconut milk for example vegetable, palm oil, and vegetable fat

follow tips natural manner demotes cholesterol and trigliserida (by dr. kardi)

food may not consumption (many contain cholesterol)

1. quill egg (3640 mg)*
2. tripe, skin
3. innards: brain (2300 mg), cow innards (360), goat innards (610 mg), gajih cow (130 mg),

food may once in a while (1-2 time/week)

1. butter/margarine (380 mg)
2. yellow chicken/duck egg (2000 mg)
3. brown/cacao (290 mg)
4. sea food: cumi(1170 mg), shrimp (160 mg), shell (160 mg), oyster (460 mg), crab/small crab (150 mg)
5. meat sausage (150 mg)
6. eel fish (185 mg)
7. cheese (140 mg)
8. coconut milk (185 mg)

manner cooks sea food that is boil eaten with the skin/the eggshell.

limit food that contain satisfied fat

1. thick sawit/coconut milk palm oil
2. butter, margarine, cheese
3. don't ever wear vegetable oil former
4. milk full cream

limit pure carbohydrate

1. stone sand/sugar sugar
2. soft drink
3. honey
4. syrup, jam, bolu

multiply food that contains fitosterol because fitosterol will retard cholesterol absorption at intestines.

1. bean: peanut, soy bean
2. unsatiated fat: corn oil, olive, oil rape, sunflower oil
3. fruits: apple, banana, wine, melon
4. vegetable: brocolli, cauliflower
5. cereals and cereal product: gandung, brown rice

will multiply food that contain vitamin b3 (niasin) because niasin will demote cholesterol will prevent blood lump. for example: skin rice/katul, skin gandung, peanut, salmon, know, tempe, yeast

will multiply fibrous food because fibrous food will retard cholesterol absorption. the mass: skin gandung, wheat porridge (oatmeal), brown rice, pod polong-polongan, vegetables, fruits (melon, blewah, cucumber suri, water melon, jelly, sea grass, cincau, pumpkin)

will multiply food that contain antioksidan because antioksidan will prevent oxidation ldl that at blood vessel.

1. selenium: garlic, tomato, seafish, brocolli
2. vitamin c: orange, jambu seed etc
3. vitamin e: toge/sprout, pod, soy bean milk, know, tempe

multiply food that contain omega-3 because omega-3 prevent blood clotting at blood vessel. for example: salmon, small fish fish, fish marlin, fish , tuna, fish lemeru. the ripe manner must be boiled.

will multiply to eat mushroom because mushroom will decrease cholesterol maker at liver. mushroom for example merang, oyster mushroom another mushroom doesn't poisonous. note: medicine dropping group cholesterol statin also extracted from certain mushroom.

multiply regular physical/sport activity 3 times one week (by foot every day 30-40 minute)

lose weight body and maintain to heavy ideal body.
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