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continual bumped into peevish and stres it is better is not faced and overcome with contain it. begin in this time, begin to overcome annoyance emotion by which are positive. will let emotion gyve self will make you risk higher will experience heart sickness.

little study that is done researcher from university california, dr. andrew j. fuligni and friend towards 69 students sma show, adolescent that experience many stres every the day will experience enhanced protein certain in blood. protein this can causes chronic inflamation. this inflamation furthermore will increase heart sickness risk along with age increase.

researcher transcribes all interactions interpersonal negative from participants during 2 weeks. this negative interaction can shaped conflict with family, disturbance from friend, or warning from teachers. furthermore, researchers measuress degree protein reaktif-c in participant blood around 8 months then.

based on previous watchfulness, degree protein reaktif-c tall be possibility sign the happening of inflamation in body. this matter then will increase disease risk kardiovaskular in adult.

researchers finds, degree protein reaktif-c increase along with the increasing of frequency stres daily that involve another person. the result being equal, even after researcher calculates difference level factor sensitivitas every participant towards denial, pressure full situation that in life everyday, and source stres another.

“happened that annoying and like to clash with family member or friend can affect bad for well-being, especially if often happen during certain time distance, ” bright fuligni such as those which quoted by foxnews. com.

in study that publicized at journal psychosomatic medicine this, fuligni and friend emphasizeds watchfulness result consistency with amount of proof that hook stres with inflamation enhanced. ”p

this furthermore will increase disease risk kardiovaskular, ” bright .
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